Arc 2 Part 1

TL: Thatguywhosthere

02-01 – Magic school

Exactly one day had passed since Alysia boarded the carriage. From the carriage in the early morning of January 10th, tens of buildings in the magic school were illuminated by the sun.
Since she hadn’t a wink of sleep, she had rubbed her eyes at a considerable pace, and repeatedly yawned many times.

— RATTLE! (GATA!) Rickety…

After leaving the town, the road changed drastically from gravel to cobblestone. Street lamps line up the roadside and extended directly to the gate of the school. For some reason, the situation was welcomed by Alysia, who was happy about remembering something.

Immediately before arriving to the front gate of the school, she displayed the behaviour of going to sleep in an instant. This is because she wanted to ascertain whether the coachman of the carriage could really be trusted. Perhaps this would be the timing to attack Alysia.

“…Even if…”

When she did, just as she expected, the coachman got off the horse and slipped into the carriage Alysia was in. From where he did it, the man slipped a dagger into his right hand and aimed downwards.


But Alysia grabbed the man’s arm very easily. In fact, it’s because she was using the body reinforcement magic, that her limit became boundless.

“…I wonder if you were dispatched, too?”

The held wrist of the man was twisted and pressed against the wall of the carriage. She didn’t forget to take the dagger, of course.

“…Say, please stop the horse?”
“Oh, well, I see…”

After that, Alysia tied the coachman onto the carriage with ropes, and conveyed the circumstances to the front gate guard of the school and left him to their care.

Although there was a small event, Alysia had, at last, arrived to the school and needed to enroll to the school first. Alysia drew the two trunks out of the carriage, there were heavy and were carried in both her arms through the front gate.

Alongside the vivid road of bricks, trees were planted. Also, a person who Alysia thought was also a new student carried a large baggage and headed in the same direction.


When advancing a long way for a while, she went to a circular square with a central fountain the height of twenty Thermes (5 m). The brick road she followed until now, extended in four directions, including the direction Alysia had come from.

Alysia couldn’t help leaking out a medium-sized voice, but now, after seeing enough, she went to the right towards the teaching staff district where the enrollment procedures were performed.

Thereupon, not a “large building”, but a suitably called “tower”, came to view. In this world, a building with eight floors was very rare. Inside, the staff room’s, office’s, and principal’s office’s equipment was there.

“Excuse me, where do you enroll to the school?”
“Oh? Young lady, go through this door here, and advance straight ahead to a room at the end of the corridor. School enrollment is there.”
“Thank you very much…don’t call me young lady.”

Alysia asked the man who stood at the entrance of the faculty tower. He wondered whether he misheard the words from Alysia.


— To tell the truth, it was a secret that she had to persevere to walk in the weak, early morning sun.

The person thought to be a new student was in a queue before Alysia arrived. Strictly speaking, there were many people with pointed ears and tails growing, but calling them “people” was a mouthful.

Alysia arrived at the end of the line and waited until her turn. If you tried to carefully look, to the inner part of the room where the line continued, four teachers were seated before a long desk and looked at the students’ entrance documents in order.

“The next one?”

After waiting, Alysia’s turn had finally come and she took the entrance documents from the midst of her suitcase. She immediately replied and dragged her suitcase to move under the teacher.

“Please show me the entrance form first.”
“Is it this?”
“That is right.”

The male teacher opened and verified the documents received. Among the papers was the letter of recommendation she had received from the king, along with Alysia’s personal information.
As the man read the papers, sometimes he would let out a “Hoo” or “Uh-huh”, finally Areishia was handed some paper’s and a thin metal place.

“…As for this?”
“That plate is a school ID, and proves you are a student of the school, please be careful not to lose it. It’s because the room number is also written on the school ID.”

Alysia stared motionlessly at the plate, turned it over, and observed the school ID with great interest. Looking at her, the teacher added.

“And because the paper will tell you where to go and the school rules, read it well. I’m Fizz Eireru and I’m working as a teacher. In addition, remember to come to me sometime if you need help.”
“Thank you very much for your explanation, please treat me well.”

“That’s because it’s my job…and when leaving, go to the door on the left.”

Holding the suitcase again, Alysia immediately left the desk and went out a door different to the door she came from.

She didn’t know whether it was good to call him Mr Fizz, and expanded the papers she got from him to confirm where to go. When doing so, she found out there was nothing for her to do this day, and feeling tired, Alysia made her way to the dormitory.

After having left the faculty tower, Alysia stopped in front of a sign where the map of the whole school was drawn. According to the map, you seem to arrive at the dormitory by advancing straight from the faculty room. She made sure of the facilities of the entire school with her eyes.

To the east was the school entrance, in the center was a square with a fountain, and to the west was the innermost part of the school were many of the student’s would study. Furthermore, in both sides of the school building, there was a complete set of four arenas to practice magic, school branches of a guild, and many stores. The north side is the faculty tower, and the south side is the dormitory Alysia faced now.

Why a substantial amount of facilities were installed was because the nearest town was probably more than three hours away. When the contents of the map were slightly memorised, Alysia had began walking to the dormitory once more.

After walking for quarter of an hour, she had finally arrived at the lobby of the dormitory and removed the school ID from her chest pocket. Written at the bottom was “Dormitory number D204″, along side her name.


Confirming her location with the map of the dormitory while advancing, she arrived before the room which was at the innermost part of the second floor. It was probably Alysia’s dormitory room. Inserting her school ID into the machine installed on the side of the door – which was shaped like an electronic lock in a hotel – the door was slowly pushed open.

“Who’s there?”
“…A, oh? Is this a double room?”

When the door opened, at the same time, she saw a person with brown hair with cat ears and a tail, who had a feeling of being a daughter of a high-class family. She also didn’t reach Alysia’s height even with her cat ears, and they each must look up and down at each other respectively.

“Are perhaps the person who will be living in this room with me?”
“It would appear so…please take care of me. I’m Alysia Latrommia.”
“Ah, I’m called Fian-Enlaces. Pleasure to meet you.”

After bowing Fian prompted Alysia inside the room, and the two sat down on a sofa sheltered by a central desk. There was also a large window, and because the dormitory was made with trees, overall, there was a bright impression.

“So, Fian’s what grade are you in now?”
“I just arrived yesterday. I think that I’m probably a first grader.”
“In other words we’re in the same grade…so what should we do now?”

Alysia sat deep into the sofa and remembered the explanation which was written on the paper she was handed. After one week there is a class selection examination, until then it’s free.

“Afterwards, would you like to tour the school campus? I was tired yesterday, and I have not gone out of the room yet.”
“I’m sleepy so I’m going to sleep. I want to look around the school but I’ll wait till evening.”

Although Alysia was patient until now, her drowsiness was already at its limit. She fell to her side in order to sleep.

“It’s good in the evening, but…is it all right?”
“Yes…because I hadn’t a wink of sleep for the whole day since I arrived at school. I’m also a vampire…”
“…Well, you were a vampire? If it’s fine with you, I can donate blood?”

But the kind words Fian spoke did not reach Alysia’s ears, but in fact, there was actually curiosity in sucking her blood.

Alysia was already inside a dream. Considerably tired, she continued to sleep over eight hours until it was evening.

Chapter 02-02 – First day shopping

“Areishia-san, it’s morning no… its evening!”
“Um… a little bit more, only… an hour.”

It is evening, the time where the orange-coloured evening sun shines through the opening of the curtain. Fian kept shaking Alysia time and time again in order to wake her.

However, the typical complaint of a late riser, “a little bit more”, and her repeated tossing and turning made her fall asleep again. Looking at her, Fian finally cried out in Alysia’s ear.

“It time to wake up!”

Alysia unintentionally uttered a cry because of the abruptness, her right ear became numb and she turned to face her.

“Try to wake me a bit more gently…”
“Even if I woke you gently, you didn’t get up…”
“…I’m sorry.”

Alysia who completely woke up by Fian’s voice took her black dress and grimoire from the midst of her suitcase. Fian was changing into light-blue clothing attached with ornaments next door.

“A good place to go would be the school district because I also want to do some shopping”
“Because I, too, want to buy something, I’ll look for it.”

At this point, Fian finished changing her clothes, and was holding a bag, which seemed to contain money, in her hand. Alysia was dressing now, but Fian tilted her neck in doubt.

“Err… just a little…”
“We are both girls so why are you hiding while getting changed?”
“Because …! It’s Because …!”

Although blushing, Alysia finished changing into a dress with a light-brown belt around her waist. While there are very convenient purses that are wallets and hold magic medicine, this time, just a wallet was affixed to the right-side of her waist.

When she took the grimoire into her hands, and went to the front door, Fian was waiting, and admired and observed Alysia’s dress.

“A black dress with a belt is fashionable….I will use it as reference…”
“I’m always like this.”
“Hee, is that so.”
“That’s so. I’ll talk about it if we time, but shouldn’t we go as soon as possible?”
“Aaaa…Please wait!”

Alysia had bolted with an uplifting feeling and instinctively aligned with Fian who caught up later, and the two carried out towards the school district.

The place the pair arrived was where stores lined both sides of the road. Ingredients, clothing, weapons, and many magic tools, various things are produced and arranged here.

Selling ingredients here was because there was a kitchen in all dormitories, making it possible to cook for oneself. However, Alysia and Fian were strangers to cuisine and ate at the restaurant in the dormitory.

“Truly anything is being sold… it’s so lively after a while.”
“I also think so.”

Alysia was in the book store, Fian was in the magic tool shop, on different visits they’ve shown different enthusiastic looks.

When the area became dark, Fian’s stomach bug sang. Finally, they had a meal at a restaurant which specialised in seafood. The two sat down facing each other, and looked at the menu board.

“It is said that the seafood soup and wild vegetables here are delicious, right?”
“If that’s the case… I’ll order that.”
“Umm, the shellfish plate? …Looks delicious, I’ll take that, too.”
“Calling? Excuse me!”

Alysia ordered the shellfish plate. The dish had an unexpected size and the price wasn’t high, if anything, it was cheap.

She was worried whether she could eat it in the beginning, but Fian was already full, so Alysia ate the rest. Even Alysia was a person who could eat well within the range of common sense.

“…Fee, did you finish eating?”
“Yeah, it was delicious. I’m full.”

While sitting, they finished paying, and arrived home to the dormitory. Noticing they didn’t buy anything after all, Fian showed a strange enthusiasm to buy something at an upcoming time.

At the night of the day. Alysia was in her bedroom with a bunk-bed, and was sitting at a desk working. The grimoire was expanded on top of the desk, and the state of her writing it in with a quill was a bloodcurdling sight making it difficult to approach.




When she reached a stopping place, Alysia leaned back into her chair. Finishing her preparations for sleep, Fian came to the inside of the room.

“…What are you doing?”
“Research of magic. I’m thinking about how intermediate magic can be made efficient.”
“That’s amazing…”

For a short period of silence, only the sound of a quill pen rubbing on paper was audible.

“Err, are you not going to sleep? Even if there is sometime you should correct that before school starts?”
“If I work on it bit by bit is should be okay…probably.”
“…You don’t have self-confidence?”

As for the time when Alysia was in the mansion, the night life was a normal thing for a vampire. They must correct themselves when school starts, but although saying that, Alysia had no confidence that she could correct it.

“Fian, are you going to bed earlier? Cut it out…it’s completely alright.”
“Yes, good night.”
“Oh, ‘night.”

Fian climbed up the ladder of the bunk-bed and took the upper part, and in a moment, Alysia noticed that the quiet breathing of a sleeping person became audible.

Then, at the late hour after midnight, Alysia took a break. Her throat was dry, and was filled to the brim via a tilted wineglass. Water dripped and fell from the edge of her mouth, but in this situation she didn’t pay any heed to it.

“…Puu haa!”

After coming to school, there was something that directly became a matter of concern. That is the ability that was said she could use when she became twelve years old.

It was『Contradiction』, that said, she couldn’t handle and understand it because practicing was useless. No way, a method must be discovered from this state where you do not understand at all. When thinking, the use of this ability seemed hopeless.

Thus, considering how she could use this ability in all aspects, before she knew it, she fell asleep.


For some reason, a familiar voice was heard, and Alysia thinly opened her eyes. When she did —

“…A, wa, face is close!”
“You got up at last… lying down getting up was bad. There was a little thing I wanted to convey, so I called over with hypnosis.”
“…Today, teach me your name.”
“Didn’t I already tell you my name?”

In addition, while murmuring, Alysia rose to her feet, and came to encounter the God before her eyes. The black-haired beauty, or Kurobi for short, she worked her head for a moment. Because it’s inconvenient, a nickname was given.

“Any important news?”
“Um…well, I’ll explain from the beginning. First of all, the whole world is distinguished by the God world, six of the demon worlds, and a myriad of existing worlds across the dimension. Was this understood?”
“Got it, understood.”

At the introduction of the abrupt explanation, Alysia was perplexed.
In essence, with the exception of the two worlds she knew, there were a countless number of worlds. That’s commonly referred to as parallel worlds or dimensions.

“As for this, it’s about the demon world. There are several countries in the demon world, and the God world already…er…to make it easy to understand, has signed peace treaty. Don’t invade, don’t fight, get along with each other, an easy promise.”
“…Can’t it be said that countries in the demon world won’t necessarily keep the peace treaty?”
“You’re right, good guess. Some countries do not have a treaty, or do not abide by the treaty with the God world. Because several countries in the demon world cooperated in this matter, and there was a disquieting movement to invade the God world, I want you to also be able to master your ability as soon as possible for the sake of guaranteeing war potential.”
“I can’t use my ability at all yet…”

Therefore, because it weighed on her mind, Alysia said so with an anxious look.

“A magic circle was added to your grimoire. If the magic circle is used, you’ll be pulled to my house, I’ll give special lessons.”
“Thank you, I’ll leave behind minor details when I get up. …A, awa…”

And, at this time Alysia remembered a strange feeling like she was being pulled somewhere, and realised her consciousness once again fell into sleep.

“Alysia! Again…it’s morning!”

Fian’s cry resounded in the bedroom. Alysia fell prostrate on top of the desk, and was also woken up by the bothering of the badness of Fian’s hands.

“Eee…a little bit more…another half-day…”
“Wake up!”

In the end, Alysia was hit by Fian’s cat punch to wake her up and, in spite of still being sleepy, had breakfast at the restaurant of the first floor of the dormitory. This time too, excluding the fact that they didn’t ask for a recommendation, ended the meal without incidents.

“This day I’ll go out for a bit. I’ll return by evening, is that okay?”
“Yes, it’s alright, but…if it’s in school, do you want to go together?”
“Oh, well…I have errands outside of school.”

It was outside of this world rather than the school, Alysia added in her head. The place she will go to now is probably the God world where Kurobi was waiting.

Alysia returned to the dorm and began to prepare immediately. Her grimoire holder and magical medicine was installed in her belt, and the grimoire which was put on the desk was taken.

When she saw the grimoire, she noticed something like a bookmark inserted into the back most page that she did not recognise at all. It was a bookmark decorated with a scarlet ribbon and a stylish engraving.

Looking at the opened page, compared to advanced magic books, a more complicated and intricate magic circle was drawn. Alysia held her breath, overwhelmed at its geometric beauty and its precision of complicated symbols. This would be the magic circle Kurobi added.

“…Amazing, but I have to transcribe this…”

When it’s a magic circle as large a scale as this, it stops being meaningful to cast it from the book. It’s because the loss of magic of your body becomes exceedingly too much.

To prevent that, it is necessary to write the magic formation with the high magic conductivity “Magic ink” on the paper that allows magic to pass through, the “Insulation paper”.

Fortunately, the magic circle was transcribed accurately, and she stuffed the insulation paper and magic ink into her suitcase.

And then, after finishing nine-tenths of the magic circle Fian came to the inside of the bedroom. Though she said she would go out today, Fian saw that Alysia did not go out yet.

“…What is that?”
“Well, Fian. This is, umm… it’s a magic circle to transport me to a place.”
“Did you mean to call someone with that and go out today? …even so, it’s complicated.”
“It’s different, if I had to say it’s so call someone… ready.”

After she finished copying the magic circle on the paper, Alysia put it down on the floor and stood on it with bare feet. She was worried if the three Therme (75 cm) paper would rip, and when her index and middle finger were placed to the centre of the magic circle, a great deal of magic was quickly poured out.


The magic also had an influence in the environment and Fian felt a little sick, and worn down. Alysia further released her second stage of magic, and concentrated it at the magic circle at one point.
However, the magic circle did not trigger even though the quantity of magic well exceeded a general magician.

“What terrible magic power! To be able to use it at the age of twelve…”
“…I also have to release the third stage! It came!”

The instant when Alysia released her third stage of magic, white light wrapped around her, and Fian’s eyes were unable to look at it. But one second passed, the light settled, and when Fian noticed, the form of Alysia melted away perfectly.

02-03 – Subspace training

When the blinding light subsided, Alysia was standing upon white cobblestone pavement. Thick pillars extend towards the ceiling, truly a majestic place to call home, the Temple of God.

The crystal-clear blue sky spreads in all direction making one feel like there is nothing above you. On top of the slightly elevated hill, you can see the scenery of lush meadows.

Kurobi was standing in a position one step higher than Alysia and was staring towards her. Until now, they had only conversed in dreams, this was the first time they met in person.

“Welcome to my home, shall we start?”
“Such unusual clothes…”

Kurobi was wearing unusual clothes, like the wound white cloth on her body. Clothes of the God were seen in paintings and were a myth. She stared at Alysia, while she lifted her hem with a questionable gaze.

“Forgot to change clothes!”
“Are those everyday clothes?”
“Yes, recently many gods have been influenced by the current world’s culture. I like it, so I try to wear it.”
“Ah…For, for now I will pass.”

Alysia took an interest in the strange attire of the God, but imaged a future where she would be made to wear clothes like this, she found it embarrassing, being like this now is a good thing.

Alysia was guided by the pull of the Kurobi’s hand along the cobblestone path to the building ahead. The main shrine had been built with wonderful marble. They proceeded through the middle from a huge door and move along the right hallway along the wide hall’s circumference. The hallway was higher than it was wide and although lights were found nowhere, it was strangely bright.

“Now, will do it here?”

When Alysia said so, Kurobi raised her arms to the level of her chest and began to concentrate high-density divine force from the fingertips of both of her hands. With a voice inaudible to Alysia, she begins to chant.

A hole in space had opened due to the pressure of the God Force and created a subspace. But the spatial hole will be small so that it will shrivel and won’t be seen after.

“Oh, do you enter with that?”
“Yeah, I’ll go into that space to transition now.”


When Alysia was embraced, Kurobi snapped her fingers and with that, they were both transported into subspace.

There are no floors and walls and although one can breathe, it is dangerous to move around in subspace haphazardly. Alysia hugged the waist of the Kurobi unconsciously.


Suddenly, with the sensation of Alysia’s feet meeting the ground, she had an unstable body to the change in gravity and firmly stepped upon the hard floor.

“It’s all right now.”

When she spoke and opened her eyelid, for some reason she was in a wooden hut. Outside the circular window spread out a strange forest. Did she create all of this in the few seconds Alysia had closed her eyes?

“Please sit down and look around, I will explain.”

Prompted to the dining table in the center of the room, Alysia sat paralyzed due to her shock and faced Kurobi. Questions she’d like answered piled up in her mind as she is in a very confused state.

“Umm…what kind of space is this?”

“Good question. Unlike spaces that are present between worlds, this is a space that overlaps the world you know. It is safe because it is the same dimension, yet a different one as well.  By the way, one month is this space is but a moment outside.”

“I see…I probably grasped it.”

Time had been compressed by 400 times, meaning there was going to be a lot of training. The amount of magic or divine force will grow over time more quickly. However, this way of training was not possible if Alysia had not been an eternal youth.

“How many days will I spend in this space?”
“One month, in other words, 24 days, one moment to the outside world.”
“I understand, thank you!”

This way, Alysia, under the guidance of the Kurobi, will carry out intensive training over the course of one month to master the ability in this discussion and walked out of the forest hut for training.

Nine days have passed since training had begun and speaking about results, Alysia was able to grasp this ability in only one day. Compared to others, they could only grasp this ability after four days, needless to say, Kurobi was very surprised.

They had come to the ridge of a clean lake today so they could bathe themselves and swim. If you advance straight from the forest hut through to forest, you would find this lake around the edge of the forest. Apart from coming here to bathe and swim, they had a change of pace in the training.

“Time to study divine force!”

In fact, this power required mental strength, but Alysia was tired of only meditating and training by herself. So from now on, she wanted to learn how to use the power of divine force and practice it, so she had asked Kurobi.

It was acceptable, but just only having divine power by itself is a waste.

“First of all, you must sense divine power the same way you sense magic. Because the surrounding area is rich in divine power, it should go well”

When she said so, Alysia is taken by the hand and Kurobi released divine power. Alysia uses all her nerves in order to detect the divine power radiated from Kurobi.

“Do you feel anything or..?
“Umm…I feel a sensation foreign to my body, it feels like…something like peace of mind..?
“Yes, that is divine power. It is difficult to explain, but it is probably a primordial feeling, so it’s a relieved kind of feeling.”

Interested, Alysia looks at Kurobi’s hands and doesn’t touch them. In the case of magic it was possible to grasp, and similar things could also reliably be grasped.

“Oh? You won’t cast your magic for a shooting trial?”
“…I’ll learn divine power with respect”

Alysia says so and returns a smile. It would be wasteful to roughen up the beautiful lakeside.

After this, Alysia was informed that divine power could be used efficiently to substitute the use of magic and begun to learn how to invoke magic using divine power in the stead of magic power. Though one could also go the same way by using magic in the operation, an uneasy thought reached her head, but this only strengthened the intention of learning.

A month of training has ended, her divine power is greater compared to what she had at the beginning. Furthermore, Alysia was able to discover nothing but one of her ability’s practical use. Although she has stopped moving, it was shown that she was able to change place in an instant, that was something called teleportation.

“Your ability…you will be omnipotent if you master it, you know? You even have a quick growth too, before long you could even create the world.”
“It seems you have great control, let’s stop.”
“Does that mean…we can go out?”

They returned to the God realm from the subspace. Alysia was immediately sent by Kurobi back to her dormitory. Though there was one problem, the training in subspace lasted one week in the outside world, meaning school will almost start.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault, can you stop with the questions…?”
“My questions weren’t particularly probing?”
“Words that sting…but it’s nice to see any number of its magic, right?

When Alysia had arrived she was just above the copy of the magic circle at the time of departure, meaning Fian, her roommate, had observed the magic directly. For this matter to calm down, Alysia had lent one of the magic circle to Fian. This act may cause some unexpected results later…

02-04 – Because I’m a girl

It’s been one week since Alysia had attended school. Alysia, who’s entrance exam has been scheduled for the following day exchanged in a conversation with Fian who would also enter the school as well. Alysia stood behind the sitting Fian and played with her cat ears, enjoying the feeling.

They had managed the necessary preparations for admission into the school. Alysia wanted to do something before the admission but she had already exhausted a week.

“Come to think of it, why are you always wearing those plain black clothes? There are no decorations at all.”
“Because this was put on because of my mother’s clothing taste. In the beginning I didn’t like it, but eventually I got used to it.”

Alysia had said so with an amazed tone and rests her elbows and recollects the first time she had dressed up in this manner, at the age of 3.

“Anyhow, wouldn’t you like to dress up more, it’s wasteful since you’re so pretty.”
“I do not want to, but it’s not my place to say, it’s certain…”

Alysia was tortured. She was previously was from the East. What if others thought that this was trying to look better when there was a clear distinction in their appearance? But what about now? Alysia had thought that there seemed to be worth in dressing in clothes and ornaments, but…

She was originally a man! One’s sense of pride would crumble upon the memory of dressing up. Still, whether it’s a loss to dress up or not, Alysia reconsidered.

“I’ll go buy clothes…it’s just clothes to wear during school.”
“Take me with you!”

Fian ran after Alysia, who was already outside the door, to look for clothes in the school district

They both enter clothing stores in the middle of the school district. They had already begun looking for the right store for an hour, but Alysia had not found any clothes she could consent to wearing.

“They don’t have it…”
“How about that store?”

Alysia feeling disappointed, turned towards the store Fian had pointed to, then took notice of the clothes at the entrance.

“Was there something?”

Fian ran after Alysia who had bolted to the store.

The clothes in this store was found to match Alysia’s height. When she confirmed this, Alysia’s hands were carrying a stack of clothes reaching her shoulders.

“This black dress…do you think it looks good?

The clothes are like a dress, but the top and bottom are separated. The hem of the skirt is frilly with a thin cuff and the shoulders are slightly bulging.

“Anything apart? Like the clothes? Buy it!”

The store manager who had been sitting in a chair watching the two had called to them. Alysia handed over the clothes to him. Whether it was because of something in the previous conversation, Alysia had found pleasure in purchasing clothes.

“This, please.”
“Yes, I think these clothes fit little miss very well. Instead of 7 coppers, I’ll make it cheaper for 5 and a half?”

A sudden price reduction was proposed by the manager. Alysia had taken 6 coppers out of her belt-hung purse and gave him the money, seeing no reason to refuse the offer. Though, in fact, this price can be said to be quite high.

“Thank you very much, I’ve found good clothes.”
“For that, you’re welcome! Take these 6 pennies.”

The currency is set up where one white gold coin can be exchanged for 20 gold coins, a gold for 12 silvers, a silver for 8 coppers and a copper in exchange for 12 pennies.

This currency system was troublesome for Alysia in the beginning, but it didn’t take long to memorize these values. It’s all about becoming accustomed to it.

“Thank you, come again!”

The two of them were seen off by a shop assistant and looked further for items that look good with these clothes.

By dusk, Alysia had gotten a black string ribbon for her hair and a scarlet brooch to put on her dress. Alysia had seemed to be very happy and arrived back at the dorms.

To correct Alysia’s sleeping patterns, Fian used her kitty punch to wake Alysia up, it was early morning and was time for the entrance ceremony. Alysia had begun to change into the very same clothes she had bought the previous day.

She wanted to put these clothes to good use, as today was the entrance ceremony. She pleasantly changed her clothes extra early to prepare.

Alysia took off the thin dress she used as pajamas and put on one of her new skirts. It’s perfect size seemed like it had been tailored specifically for Alysia. It’s cloth was of excellent quality and felt comfortable against her thigh.

Her upper garment was fitted with a brooch, tied in the manner of a bow. Her black ribbon was tied the same way and with that, she had finished changing.

Fian then came into the room as Alysia had finished changing.

“Alysia, your clothes…Uuaa.”
“Well, Fian, I had just finished changing clothes.”
“It looks really good on you!”
“Oh! Oh, yeah, thanks.”

Alysia, not used to sudden compliments, quickly looked downwards with a flushed face left in a hurry. She had honestly enjoyed the compliment, but didn’t want to admit it.

“E, err, just hurry up when eating breakfast at the restaurant, we have to go to the school entrance ceremony in the great hall north of school, right?”

“You’re hasty in being stubborn huh?

“As if! If you didn’t change your clothes, would you still say that?”

They are equals in this regard since Alysia cared about this. With a small laugh, she sat on her bed and they killed time with a casual conversation.

02-05 – Restless entrance ceremony

On this day, the entrance ceremony will take place in the great hall north of the school. The great hall is flooded with students ranging from the ages of twelve to sixteen, based on the school admission criteria.

Dozens of teachers are organising students by making them stand in lines. Of course teachers and students are mixed with races: animal people, dwarves, elves, as well as the common man.

The pair, Alysia and Fian, are also present and move to the back of the line as per the instructions given by the staff, somewhat confused by the number of people.

It’s starting soon. The principal’s greeting is performed in the great hall as he explains the school rules and usage of equipment. Although a long, boring speech by a principal is normal, here it seems they don’t speak for long.

Though it seems three principals are necessary in this school. And it’s said that they hail from three different countries: the Mearu Empire, the Rirenefu Empire and the Irukusu Kingdom.

Normally one person speaks for a long time, but with the combined length of all three of their speeches, most of the students were already bored. Of course, Alysia and Fian fit in this category.

“…Well in this magic school, we will teach you magic and cultivate your curiosity…”
“…Spare time…spare time…”
“Are you OK, Alysia?”

The crazed repeating of “spare time” by Alysia worried Fian. The only thing Alysia said to Fian was this very phrase.

“Free time….free time….kukuku~tsu, I want to burn that principal…”
“Changed personality?!”
“…What did I do?”
“Be quiet over there!”

They were warned by a teacher patrolling the area and apologized immediately. Alysia also seemed to stop muttering “free time” over and over.

At the end of the long, long speech, all the freshman got ready for the magic inspection and class selection.

The speeches can all be summarised as:
“For seven years, please stay healthy and work hard to become respectable adults”

Students previously in the great hall gathered to the middle hall making a strangely long line.

A crystal ball with the diameter of one Therme (25 cm) was situated in the center of the hall on top of a desk.

The hands of the students are placed atop the crystal ball. It seems to be the method of carrying out the magic inspection and Alysia had reached the “do not advance” sign.

“The next is Alysia-san.”

Alysia who was lost in thought, suddenly regained her attention. When did I get to the front of the line?

When she faced the front, she saw Mr Fizz, the teacher who had helped her with enrollment, standing behind the desk with the crystal ball.

“It’s been while, long time no see, right?”
“It was a long time for me.”
“Haha, I see. Well first of all, I need your school ID, so I can assign you to a class.”

Alysia took the school ID out of a pocket in her skirt and handed it to Mr Fizz. He had the ID in his right hand and placed his left hand on the crystal ball.

“Please place your hand on the crystal ball and wait a moment. Nothing usually happens, so don’t worry.”

Alysia cautiously placed her hand on the ball. It felt cold and hard, and then—-


The crystal ball emitted bright light and cracks appeared on the surface. The cracks spread out from where Alysia had touched, but luckily the crystal ball didn’t seem to be broken.

“This is…?!”
“You said nothing would happen, but…”

When the light settled, information was written on the ID card in the right hand of Mr Fizz. Alysia and Mr Fizz gingerly looked at the ID card. Dorm room, class and magic power was written, but there was more, it was too strange.

Normally, the card there should just have magic power and magic amount, but it was complete with magical power, spiritual power, mystic power, divine power, and especially the values that were written, each of its amount was expressed in number.

The magic power written on Alysia’s card far exceeds an average person, at 7500. Spiritual power is at 121, mystic power is at 142 and divine power is at 643. Items other than magic showed a decent score as well.

As for her class, the “S” symbol was written, signifying the highest class.

When Mr Fizz realised what she had seen, he solidified from shock and started thinking out loud.

“Hmm…indeed…the King did recommend her…what is spiritual power and mystic power? And divine power should only be handled by the God race…even with divine power, general humans only have around 100, why does a vampire have almost 700…who are you, really?”
“…I think I’m just an ordinary vampire.”

Although Mr Fizz was murmuring impossible things in a low voice, Alysia casually answered him.

After that her school ID was returned to her and Alysia immediately exited the hall which became noisy due to the mysterious phenomenon.

After the inspection, Alysia was going to Fian and her meeting place, which was near a flower bed outside the middle hall.

When she arrived at the location, Fian was sitting on a bench waiting.

“Oh! Did you finish?”
“I wouldn’t have come if it didn’t end. So, what’s your class?”
“Say your’s first, then I’ll tell you.”

She couldn’t say why, but Fian wished to say her class after Alysia did.
It must be a sign of Fian’s confidence, but Alysia would not want to say much about her result.

“Well.. it’s good, class S.”
“That’s the same class as me! Show me your ID, here’s mine.”

It seems Fian was also placed in class S and both of them were relieved to hear that.

But for Alysia, the relief lasted a brief moment, when she looked at Fian’s ID, she saw that she only had 515 magic power and was placed in the S class.

When seeing this, Alysia realised how much magic she truly had and was uncomfortable with showing her own ID.

“My school ID, I guess you really want to see it…?”
“Please show it to me!”
“Wait a moment…”

Fian had swiped the school ID from Alysia’s now empty hands. Because Alysia didn’t want to give her ID, she had no choice but to dance under Fian’s lifted hand.

“Because I showed you mine, you should show me yours! It’s unfair~”

Fian’s attention turned to Alysia’s ID card while acting funny and trying to escape. Alysia tried to block Fian from behind but she was too late.

“E~e~eh! So good!”

Fian, who previously had a smiling face, now had a expression of despair. She felt hopeless.

“U~u~u…my confidence…”
“I said before, it’s just because I’m abnormal…”

Fian fell silent after that last remark.

They should get to class in the afternoon, so for Fian to get back up on her feet, so until noon, Alysia was comforting her.

At noon, that pair traveled towards the school building. It was necessary to wear the designated school shoes and robes, which was worn over their clothes.

The school is far away from the dormitory, the thought of having to walk such a distance every day was depressing. Fian and Alysia were aristocrats after all. Most of their travelling was done in a carriage, not a long distance walk. Finally, the pair had arrived at the school building. The first-grade S class was located on the third floor of the first building. Many people who had just come from the same entrance ceremony as Alysia were coming and going in the corridor.

After advancing in the corridor for a while, they entered a stairway with a ceiling that goes as high as the fifth floor. An expensive chandelier was suspended from the ceiling. The spiral staircase was connected to the respective floors.



When Alysia had started climbing the staircase to get to the third floor, she had collided with a person and rolled on the floor.

Fian looked back to find the one who suddenly collided with Alysia. There he was, a somewhat skinny, brown-haired dog-man.

“Look where you’re walking, girl!”
“What?! You’re the one who bumped into me!”

It was clearly the man who was at fault. Fian whose anger made her hair stand upright, expected the man to apologise.

“Hey, blackie…your shoe scraped my leg…”
“…Be quiet.”

Alysia raised her face while saying intimidating words. Feeling provoked, the man raised an angry expression.

“Apologise, or do I have to force you to…”
“I feel the same way, I’ll also get to use force.”

Fian, completely frightened, hung her tail between he legs, literally. Fian backed away from the entrance of the stairwell and escaped into the crowd that has gathered.

“What can a shorty like you do? I the president of the fourth-grade S class, you know?”
“…What did you say to me? Prepared to die?”

The air around them became heavy. Disrespecting Alysia’s small stature was a big thing.

“It’s impossible for me to be killed by you. Prepare yourself!”

The man rushed in front of Alysia and jumped in front of her to start the fight.

02-06 – Bloodsucking drive

“I’ll deliver your wish! This’ll be a good exercise. Fireball!”

A fight has begun.

The man preemptively used “Fireball”, a beginning class magic, which is aimed at Alysia, who avoided it.

On the other hand Alysia, although avoiding the flame magic with minimal movement, felt a strange feeling unknown to her.

Looking at the people around, she had the urge to drink blood. The heated conversation from before must be the cause. The anger felt by Alysia was the trigger.

Until one reaches a certain age, a vampire does not feel the urge for blood. There are even those who do not want to succumb to this desire to keep up their ego. For Alysia, however, this instinct was a blessing in disguise.

Although she thought this instinct was terrible, Alysia knew this kind of thing was the vampire’s nature.

When she has to hold back this urge, her consciousness blurs and her movement dulled. In order to take advantage of the opening, the man rushes ahead to lunge at her.

“ORAA! Don’t you think it’s dangerous!”

Magic overflowed from the man’s whole arm. This magic was the body reinforcement type.

Since Alysia judged that she could not avoid the attack, a magic barrier was erected from her hand.


The moment the fist crossed the barrier wasn’t seen, but the unpleasant sound of cracking filled the surround area. Alysia succeeded in stopping the dangerous momentum of the man’s arm.

“Tsk…How about this!”

The man used to magic used for body reinforcement to quickly destroy the barrier. But Alysia didn’t overlook this possibility.

She immediately used flight magic to quickly get away.

“What?! She flew away!”


It was a good call, but Alysia had made a serious mistake.

Originally, flight magic was supposed to be a secret of the Latrommia household. That man and various spectators had seen her.

“Is that…Alysia?!”
“…Oh, this?… this is…”
“Ha…haha, it’s worth fighting this!”

Fian, who was confused, quickly came back to her senses upon hearing that voice from behind.

Alysia had the intention of ending this fight, but that man still wanted to keep fighting.

With an somewhat annoyed sigh, Alysia kicks the ground to avoids the flame magic targeted at her chest and stretches her arm to reach the man.

The man, judging that an attack will come, gets ready to defend. But that was Alysia’s intention.

Sensing danger, the man instantly leaps back using body reinforcement.


As expected of the dog-man, he used all 4 limbs to support himself. He stood back up and got ready to fight once more. But Alysia was already on his back.


“It’s finished.”


The man felt a cold feeling on the scruff of his neck. When confirming with gingerly eyes, he saw Alysia’s slender finger applied on his nape. Words could not escape from his plugged throat.

“If I put magic here, I wonder what’ll happen~?”

In other words, if magic was applied in this spot, Alysia could easily make the man faint. Or more…

“I understand…it’s my loss…”

His loss was admitted quickly, and unexpectedly. Alysia was worried whether he would admit defeat or not.

“You fly around and get behind me in an instant…what kind of person are you…”

When the man finally started talking, Fian ran up in an impatient state.

“What happened?”
“You were called by a teacher. They want a word with you two, and me…”
“Oh…our fight…we didn’t break anything, did we?”

Restlessly, Alysia looks left and right, and up and down to check for any damage. She checks the chandelier and see a hole where it has burned.
— It was obvious, the man’s fire magic did this.

“AAH! Damn!”
“I also…”
“We have no choice, let’s go.”

Fian took the two, who were discouraged, to the principal’s office. As for the location, she heard it from a teacher who told her in advance.

The two were tired, the principal’s office was not in the faculty tower. It was at the edge of the school. With no teaching staff around, it was their only salvation.

The three enter the building and are met with a long room filled luxurious ornaments. They sat down on a sofa in front of a desk.

Because Alysia and the man had previously been fighting with each-other, awkwardness floated in the air. Fian sandwiched herself between the two to try to improve the atmosphere.

“You know, it’s a rule to not use magic outside of the designated classrooms.”
“Yes, I know…”
“I do not know.”
“Me too.”

The man seemed to have known about this rule, but Alysia didn’t because she had just entered the school.

“Why don’t you two know? It’s common sense around here.”

These two did not know, you could tell by their voice and facial expression. Following that, to not feel as guilty, Fian tried to explain to the principal.

“I’m sorry, we had just finished the school’s entrance ceremony and we did not know…”
“…You came from the entrance ceremony? You’re a first grader?!”

Astonished, the principal’s eye open widely. No way a first grader could compete with the fourth-grade S class student. Originally first grade serves as a prerequisite for students who cannot use magic.

“Here is my school ID…”
“Mine, too.”
“…It is natural for you not to know. Be careful next time. I’ll give you a paper with the rules. Are you called Alysia? This magic…”
“That…don’t say anything!”

As the principal was about to say something, Alysia moves her body to cover her ID. Because she said so in a threatening manner, the principal stopped speaking about the matter.

Wondering why she was in such a panicked state, the man asked Fian.

“Why is she so upset?”
“Well…you don’t really want to know…”

Remembering her shock upon seeing her ID, she judged it was better not to tell him and treated this topic lightly.

After their meeting with the principal, it was time to go to their respective classes. The principal seemed to be taking a call later.

Although she would be late for the briefing of her class, while she ran, Alysia become more worried about the face that people knew of her flight magic.

02-07 – Classroom hustle and bustle

Alysia and Fian was on the third floor, standing before the entrance of the S class for first graders. The inside of the classroom was clamorous. There was a considerable resistance to enter the classroom.

Standing before the double door entrance, they pushed on the doors lightly and felt themselves pushing against a thick, heavy wall.

“I’m gonna open it.”

With a quiet conformation, Alysia glanced sideways at Fian.

“Excuse me for being late.”

As soon as the door opened, Alysia apologised to the teacher for being late.
— And in the next moment, they were met with the piercing gazes of their classmates.


While Alysia stood in place open-mouthed, conversations filled the room.

“The ones from the rumour!?”
“She made him surrender…”
“It’s the black-winged Alysia.”

— Such a pitiful name has been acquired.

The person in charge of this class is the very same Mr Fizz that was also in charge of her entrance procedure. To calm the students down, he walked around the room shouting.

“You guys! When will you shut up!?”
“Teacher, the heck does that mean…”

“Ah, you fought in the hallway? And when you flew through the sky at that time, a vampire with wings…I want to believe it…”
“Don’t believe it!”

Vampires with wings are a myth in this world. It’s said that ordinary vampires had wings 1500 years ago, but they have completely disappeared now. The last record of them was 500 years ago, when they ambushed the helpless military and killed them.

However, Alysia didn’t have wings on her back, it was a hoax.

“No, that’s an exaggeration.”
“I want a signature!”
“Me too!”

It was completely impossible to convince them otherwise. Before Alysia had entered the room, their delusions of Alysia’s appearance had already become a reality.

“With your permission, we would like to designate an official fan club…”
“Alysia, let’s get married!”
“I also want a signature!”

Meanwhile, even Mr Fizz joined in and jokingly asked Alysia for a signature. She ignored the teacher and to make their delusions disappear she explained to them one by one. To those wanting a signature, she told them she had no such wings, but she still gave out one written in Enguraishia. Uninterested, she refused the disturbing proposal of a fan club and for the proposals of marriage, she cut them with an immediate refusal.

…After being refused, the expressions of despair could be seen in their hearts.

“Kill me, though it’s just the first day…”

After spending time in class, her class finally calmed down and they learned about their class’ schedule. The seat appointed to Alysia was a windows seat on the left side in the front row. She shared a long desk with Fian, who was to her right.

“Our schedule is as following: mornings and afternoon lessons last for three hours. In the morning, mandatory subjects such a language will be learned and in the afternoon, there are things you will practice.”

Alysia was thinking, the lesson requirements isn’t too difficult. The national language of the three great powers is Japanese too, it’s not much different from on Earth.

“If you pass in your subjects, you will advance one class. But please keep in mind that when you fail, you will be lowered by one class. You are comprehensive in all subjects, that is why you are in the S class.”

This means that in the course of seven years, how well you perform will decide your class.
Fian, to the right of Alysia, stood up.

“I have a question! What kinds of practice are there?”
“I will distribute a paper about it now.”

As he said so, he handed out a paper to the sitting down students. Alysia received the paper and saw a large list of subjects to select.

“Please choose which subjects you would like to study, you will have a time of three days to decide. So until then, you will only be learning morning classes. That way you can become accustomed to the school.”

The teacher distributed another bunch of papers with things that the students needed to remember.

“Because the rules of the school are written here, please read it carefully. Inside buildings, you may not use magic, as well as…?”

Having looked at the rules, Alysia’s heart stopped. Now that she knew this rule, she regretted doing what she did.
After that, usage of the school’s facilities/clubs, school ID, etc were explained.

The ID card seems to function like a card with a magnetic strip, using magic in place of the magnet and is used as a key for your dormitory room.

Though this word cultural level was that of the 18th Century, the middle-ages, the technology possible from magic is on a similar level to Earth. In fact, the culture in this world from a thousand years ago is said to be very similar to now, so development must have been in another direction.

After the explanation ended, students left the classroom and would meet the next day.
Among these students, Alysia and Fian did not leave. To say why…

“An interview for the school paper!”
“Don’t you want to enter the guild?”

It’s because the entrance of the classroom was surrounded by reporters for the school paper, onlookers and upperclassmen who saw Alysia’s power in the entrance ceremony.

“Oh Alysia-san, come out quick!”
“Unreasonable…look at this situation”

They eventually got back to their dorm room.
There was no harm in answering the reporters questions, but the club invitation was not answered yet.

“Already tired…”
“Oh…my bed’s over there…”

The two who had returned to their room were completely tired. Alysia muttered and, without changing clothes, jumped onto Fian’s bed. Because they share a bunk bed, it was troublesome to climb up to her bed.

Alysia, who had tried to stop the spread of the rumours about her as much as possible, buried her face into Fian’s pillow and continued to sleep until the following morning.

02-08 – “The class has begun”

In the morning of the following day, Alysia had woken up at a later time than usual. Perhaps it was due to the commotion from yesterday that she was tired. Therefore, Alysia hurried to wake the sleeping Fian sleeping directly above.

“Fian, it’s morning! We might be late!”

Though half-asleep, they got up with dull movements and started to change. When trying to prepare and put on her clothes, Fian showed her nose from the shadow of the door remembered something.

“Come to think of it, we didn’t take a bath yet. I always have one every morning and night”
“There’s enough time for…one person. Fian, go!”

She said so and left Fian in a state of wonder. They are both women at the same age and raised a question.

“Since be are both girls and there is no time, shouldn’t we go together?”
“Ah…it’s useless! I won’t do it, my spirit won’t allow it!”

Alysia, who is not usually this distraught, firmly denied the offer to take a bath together. But as for Fian—
— The neck! The tilted neck!

“AAH! I had enough, thank you! If we have spare time, don’t talk!”

Alysia, having finally become broken, decided to go to class after taking a bath together.

The time spent waiting for the running water to become hot was saved because Alysia could boil the water in an instant with her fire magic and water magic.

Though in a strange way, the two of them realised the value of magic once more. The hot water coming from the faucet was also warmed by its own fire magic.


“Good morning!”
“Haah…good morning…”

As soon as they opened the double doors of the first-grade S class, they were greeted by two students.

“Those two have come. With this, there is no one absent…twenty-one out of twenty-one people, good.”

To take exact attendance, a paper was given to the students to write their name. It seems Alysia and Fian had been the last ones here.

“You two, take a seat.”

The two of them sat together and turned their attention to the board at the front of the room. Characters could be written on the board by using a special magical cane, just like a general chalk-board.

“Then, now, mathematics class has begun.”

To the ears of Alysia, it was a word she didn’t like.

After the class began, Alysia immediately became bored. Why?
Because the level of maths here was simply finding the product of addition and subtraction. And for Alysia to do this felt like just a review.

When you become bored, vampires, like humans, decide to do other things to occupy their time.

‘…That bath a short a while ago…with Fian…’

“Is Alysia OK? Your face is slightly red.”

Mr Fizz who noticed the blush of Alysia, was worried and asked her.

“I’m completely fine!”
“Then…this problem. Try solving it.”

If you tried looking at the question pointed out by the teacher, it was a long question and Alysia wondered for conformation if that was the one.

Two carriages has stopped in the highway in alignment. Each advance advance 6000 Thermes in opposite directions. If they are moving at a speed of 12000 T/h, what is the speed at which they are getting further apart?

“24000 T/h.”
“…!? That’s correct! It was supposed to be a difficult question…and you solved it in an instant.”

It was guessed from the teacher’s mutter that this problem was on the higher level of difficulty.

Now that morning class ended, it was time to return to the dormitory. Then someone came from a seat behind and walked to Alysia.

Wearing the school robe on top of a simple red-coloured dress, it was a girl with blonde hair, tied by a red string, that went to the middle of her back. Her height was the same as Alysia’s and she stopped right in front of her.

“Hi, you must be the black-winged Alysia, right? I’m Sheriana Rain and we will be in the same class for seven years, best regards!”
“Oh, to you too…and don’t say black wings.”
“Look at this!”

Alysia looked disgusted as she said that, but without giving her ears,
— Sheriana removed two cards under her robe.

On her school ID her race was written as vampire.
Moreover it was written with “Alysia Fan Club: Member #01″.

“I’m number one out of the members, because I love you!”
“What kind of meaning is this…”

Alysia was anxious by her “love” that she says she had, but it was decided that she would bring her to her dorm room to talk. There was no reason to refuse and it was a good thing to make more friends.

A little before it became 14 O’clock, Alysia heard a small knock on the door.

Alysia, who became aware of this, slowly opened the door, sensing someone outside of the room.

“It’s Sheriana, I brought with me, Claire.”
“Thank you, Alysia-san.”

It seemed a gentle girl of elegant demeanor was next to Sheriana. She was taller than Alysia who had to look up to her face, but her eyes were instead focused on the area on the side of her hair.

It was long and slender, an ear that completely resembled an elf. A vampire’s ear was sharp, but not as much as this.


Unconsciously, Alysia stretched out her hand, but stopped. It was impolite to do such a thing.


In response to Alysia’s sparkling eyes, Claire was perplexed.

“Well, want to enter? Please relax.”

While thinking in her heart that she would eventually let her touch them, she lets the two in. Here, the four girls arrived on the sofa of the living room, a little bit nervous, started a silly conversation.

02-09 – Bloodsucking act

Four people surround a desk in the living room and chatted. Fian seemed to already be on good terms with Sheriana and Claire. Sheriana plops her body on to the desk and makes an announcement.

“A suggestion! When you introduce yourself to others, you shouldn’t keep secrets, is that right? We should at least show each other our school IDs!”

Her tied-up hair vigorously shakes left and right. Usually, Sheriana is calm, but with her friends, she is fun and exciting. Adjusting her gaze, she looks to see the reactions of this proposal.

“Oh, for me…”
“That’s fine.”
“I’ll do it, it seems interesting.”

The first reaction was from Alysia, but the other two’s pleasant reactions masked her’s. It’s because there were many secrets she would like to keep that she didn’t answer positively. Despite that, Sheriana rushed and began her self-introduction right away.

“You three decide who’s next. First is me…*cough*, my name is Sheriana Rain and I am twelve years old. As for my race, I am a vampire and am in the S class. My magic power is 731 and am from the Irukusu Kingdom. Next will be Fian, ok?”

Alysia remembers Mr Fizz’s words at the time of the magic inspection. There was another vampire there who had 700 magic power, perhaps it was Sheriana.

Fian was in a worried state, but since she was going next, she began to immediately speak.

“Me?…umm, my name is Fian Elma Enlais, ten years old. My race is Cat Person. I am in the S class and my magic power is 515, and I come from the Mearu Empire. Is it OK if Claire’s next?”
“Huh? Ten years old?”

Called Alysia. Only those between the ages of twelve and seventeen can enter this school.

“Yes, my father who is a Cat Person had fairly strong magic when he was ten, so I asked the headmaster. According to mother, I descended from Youkai in the Far East, that may be why.”

The words “Far East” and “Youkai” makes the heads of Sheriana and Alysia tilt. Their interest is growing, it’s a place they would like to visit.

“Can I speak? I am Claire Frail. I’m twelve years old and am an elf. As for my magic power, it’s 783, and like everyone else, I am in the S class.”

It was an introduction no different from the others, but as Claire finished, her expression darkened.

“To tell you the truth…I am a princess in an elf village from the Irukusu Kingdom.”
“Am a what!?”
“You were really!”

Alysia and Sheriana gave out voices of surprise, but Fian became tense.

Why is an elf princess at this school? Fian and Alysia thought.

“I can’t lie when everyone is telling the truth, so…excuse me…”
“It’s fine, even if we know, nothing will change.”

It was Sheriana who said that to Claire, who seemed sorry and apologised.
Those words encouraged Alysia, who was going to introduce herself next.

“So, therefore, you don’t have to think differently, it’s not necessary!”
“Alright…next is Alysia, please!”

Whether it was Sheriana who resolved it herself or not, Claire abruptly passed over the talking to Alysia.
She readied herself.

“I understand.”

Although it’s good to know, it was as good as not knowing other’s circumstances. Fian revealed her true age and Claire revealed her true identity. Could she really tell a lie to them?

When thinking about this, it was, of course, not possible. It’s possible to tell the truth if possible, for her future, she felt like it was something important.

Through the words of Sheriana, Claire nudges Alysia’s back. At the very least, she would tell the truth about her magic power.

“As for me, I’m Alysia Latrommia. My middle name, Mel, is an abbreviation of Melvina. I’m twelve years old…and am a vampire. I am also in the S class and my magic power amounts of 7 500.”

Claire’s mouth was stunned at Alysia’s words. Thinking she misheard, she asked Alysia immediately.

“Your magic is seven hundred and fifty…?”
“It’s seven thousand five hundred.”
“…Seven hundred and fifty?”
“Seven thousand five hundred.”

Knowing it was a mistake in her hearing, Claire was once again surprised and let out a breath of admiration. This was because this was the amount of magic and long-lived species living for tens of hundreds of years would have. It was also the age of Alysia.

“…No way, Alysia had some kind of reincarnation, don’t you think!?”
“Eh, just…EH?”

Fian who was calm until now, rises up from the chair with no doubt. Because of her childishness, she didn’t doubt this. In a sense, she correctly guessed Alysia’s secret, making her considerably confused.

“That’s not…you know-”

She desperately tried to prove her wrong, but was cut off by Sheriana who had no reaction until now. The sight of Alysia had become dyed in gold. But if you noticed, it was the hair of Sheriana, who had hugged Alysia.

“Amazing, it’s ten times more than mine! …Do you…also have wings?”
“Well…I’m wingless.”

Alysia had become confused at the praise from Sheriana. In was wonderful that instead of being disliked, she was praised.

“…Can I drink a bit of your blood?”
“Huh? What?”
“I would like your blood.”

In fact, the more magic power a person has, the high quality their blood. Moreover, since it leads to obtaining stronger magic, Sheriana did not want miss this opportunity.

Come to think of it, Sheriana was also at the age where you would experience your first urge to drink blood. Alysia could feel her breathing as she got closer.

Sheriana’s right and left hand was on Alysia’s, whose body was of the same physique, to try to suppress her.
Strangely, her mind and body didn’t resist

“Can I suck some?”
“Please do.”

Her face moved aside to the front of Alysia’s neck and her canines were lightlly applied to her skin. Sheriana was checked by Alysia, but it was fine.


Pain runs through her neck for an instant, which changed into a tired expression. Blood already started overflowing from the bite.

Fian and Claire stared motionlessly at this act and were speechless.

Overcome with the taste, Sheriana continued to drink blood for a while. At last, Alysia, whose body was numb, tumbled in bed with Sheriana.

“Oh, my bed…”

Alysia had taken Fian’s bed once again. There was already a bloodstain on the sheets and the quiet breathing of sleeping could be heard.

“To have ended up sleeping…Sheriana…may I also stay here today??”
“Well, OK.”

Sheriana and Claire, who had only come to play will stay in this room after all. Claire thought of Alysia in particular, who would be seriously tired in the morning.

02-10 – Western plains

When she noticed, Alysia stood in a white, square space. Far in front of her was Kurobi who was wearing a white dress.

“Hello! Today’s a wonderful day, even though you were…sucked up…”
“Yeah…weakness is wonderful.”

It seemed that Kurobi had seen everything that had happened to Alysia. This was enough to make Alysia embarrassed, but she didn’t say anything because this secured her safety.

“Weakness, huh, you didn’t resist being preyed upon, you know? Rather than feeling weak, it was…”
“You don’t have to say it…I know.”

The prey here was Alysia. Certainly she was going to resist, but looking back, no resistance had occurred.

“We can assume that’s good…and…the relationship between you and Sheriana can’t go back.”
“What do you mean…?”

Hearing this, Alysia was perplexed.

“As for that…why she wanted your blood was because large amount of magic and divine power in your blood that would affect her body. In fact, her life will also be extended.”
“Oh, I see…exactly how long?”

A vampire can receive magic from drinking blood. But when there is divine power and spiritual power, what might happen can easily be imagined. This would significantly impact Sheriana’s life.

Timidly sitting down, Alysia waits for Kurobi’s response.

“Well…maybe…her body will no longer grow and her lifespan will be 7 000 years long. Divine power will have a strong influence on her.”
“…Will you make me take responsibility?”

If having a long life was because of Alysia’s blood, then she would have to take responsibility for it. Having a long life will mean other people will disappear. You will inevitably be haunted by loneliness.

“I won’t do or say anything. It’s up to you, let her have more if you want.”

Her vision shakes suddenly. Alysia’s consciousness faded and when she noticed, she had woken up.
There was small talk, but after Sheriana got up, she suggested to take a bath to wash away the blood. Alysia was embarrassed and, though reluctant, she and Sheriana soaked themselves in the bathtub.

Class, this morning, was prematurely cancelled.
Alysia noticed Fian practicing magic, and to prevent any problems, faced the grassy plains west of the school, to cast strong magic. She wanted to fly in the sky, but only did so after getting away from the school. There was no excuse if anyone witnessed her flying.

After a four hour flight, Alysia had reached her destination. A river was flowing, and a forest was visible in the distance. Nature was abundant. One would hesitate to cast flame magic here.

Today, Alysia had come to this place to inspect her “far fetched” ability of contradiction. Alysia wanted to find uses for her ability after getting a feel for it. She wanted to know how many things were possible with her current ability.

To test out her contradiction, she used pebbles lying around. Here it was appropriately referred to as stoning.

Alysia picked up a nearby pebble in the midst of the grass that would be easy to throw. Divine power is used so it can fly to the target and hit it. She imagines the magic in great detail.

When the image becomes clear, she takes aim at the overgrown leaves on a tree and throws.



The pebble that was thrown hit and removed the targeted leaves like it was natural. This surprised Alysia, who let out a wondrous sigh.

While piling up practice, two things were roughly understood.

The first was that it was not possible to enchant an object with contradiction, and the other was from the events that had occurred, this was not something to used on the streets.

It was currently not possible to add the property of “certain hit” to objects, but could move the object. Alysia wondered if she could improve this in the future.

When taking a break, Alysia felt unease and surveys her surroundings unconsciously. The low toned rumble of the ground gave an unpleasant feeling that spread to your stomach.

—Something is coming!?

Alysia’s sharp hearing quickly sensed something.

It came from far away, in the direction of the lush forest.
Alysia took the magic book from her bag and was shocked at the huge thing that appeared in the next moment.

“Eeeeeeh!? What!?”

Unfortunately for Alysia, she had encountered the animal that dominates the plains.
It was a wild boar with a huge castle-like body that laid waste to all the flora and fauna of the area, known as a demon beast.

02-11 – Feast of the blood of a God

Alysia, without using invocation, casts ice magic, which is a higher rank of water and wind magic, towards the demon beast rushing towards her with tremendous spirit.


Twenty icicles were fired off simultaneously at the demon beast.



Just before it hit, the wind magic which freezes the water disappears, and the icicles returned to water due to the heat of the friction of the air.

Immediately, beginner’s class flame magic was cast recklessly with excessive magic, and was fired at the beast.
It was the first ever magic that she cast.

But just before the huge fireball hits the beast, it disappears.

This demon beast could neutralise magic. Of course, a superior demon can use magic, even barrier magic wouldn’t be strange.


The beast attacked Alysia, but she escaped with instantaneous movement. She could only handle this with magic. Alysia concentrated divine power in left arm.

A huge, light sword appeared. Kurobi taught her that almost everybody can handle divine power like this.

“Is this alright…?”

It was beyond her expectations, but whether it would succeed or not was worrying. Although if this much could easily be done, then she was convinced with what she had said.

Holding the light sword towards the demon beast, who turned to face her, she pulled her arm back and readied herself.

“For-EEI!” (throwing noise)



The demon beast was easily cut in two exact halves. Perhaps its resistance to things other than magic was quite low. The demon beast was baked in the light and the smell of burning meat drifted through the air.

“Phew…I’m tired…”

Fatigue was a consequence when divine power was used. Alysia quickly returned to the school by flight. She decided to bring back some of the meat of the defeated demon beast.

When she arrived, it was already evening, and the sky was dyed a deep red. She landed at a place far away from the school, and after entering the gate, ran towards the dormitory.

She entered her room, three people turned and faced Alysia.

“You’re slow! I wasn’t going to eat dinner if everyone was out!”
“Late. Let me drink blood as punishment!”

She was scolded by Fian and Sheriana because of her slow return. Behind the two was Claire, who calmed the two down with an elegant chuckle.

After that, they went outside the school district the have dinner, except that Sheriana had chased Alysia all the way crying out “let me suck your blood”. If you exclude this fact, the day ended with nothing much happening.

In the next morning, rather, during midnight while it was still dark, Alysia changed her clothes and took a crumpled piece of paper from the shelf. It goes without saying that this was the way to get to the location that Kurobi was at.

Like before, when Alysia had trained in subspace, today was the next promised day for training. Because she didn’t want Sheriana or Claire to know, she intentionally chose this time. Since it was in subspace, she could return “immediately” because time advances slowly.

She uncrumpled the paper and stood on top of it with a grimoire in her hands. Like the last time, there was just a small shine. With just this much magic, nothing would happen.

For a while, Alysia releases her third stage of magic and with a flash, she disappeared.

Her consciousness surfaced little by little. A tired feeling like this was pleasant and you would like to just stay in place.


After stretching herself and slowly opening her eyes, Kurobi was there, as expected. By looking around, it seemed that this was a forest in subspace.

“Awake? This time I tried calling you into the subspace directly, looks like it was a success.”
“…If it fails, what happens?”

With insecure words, Alysia energetically stood up and asked Kurobi.

“As for that…maybe you would be thrown out into space where…there is nothing and it is nowhere.”
“…I would like to die naturally at least…Haah…I don’t want to die yet.”

With a deep sigh, Alysia folded her arms and headed towards the woods.
It goes without saying that she would have to do the training, which will last for a month, as she thought so, Kurobi suddenly said-

“It’s not going to mean that…”
“Read my mind!?”
“Out your mouth, training for a month?”
“Oh, so…”

Alysia thought carefully and stopped her talking. She should be careful of the words coming out of her mouth. Though Kurobi was a God, she was unsure whether she could truly read minds.

“Well, is that right? If there is information about demon attacks, therefore…”
“So, it’ll be troublesome? How about training here for one year?”
“Oh, reading minds!?”

Their words piled up and like before, Kurobi surprised Alysia. But it wasn’t particularly because her mind was read. With a broad smile, she guessed and said,

“As I expect, it’ll be telepathy?”
“Impossible to say.”

For some reason, Kurobi was discouraged.

Later, when three days have passed in subspace, Alysia felt a strange feeling like before.
A craving for…
Her cheeks blushed, it was an overpowering instinct, a yearning for something like when you’re hungry.

“Kurobi…I…a little…”
“…What happened?”

Kurobi got closer to Alysia. But she unconsiously felt like she was aiming for her. She had heard from Kurobi that Gods are living entities too.

“Blood…I want to drink…”

Alysia moved via teleportation and was onto the back of Kurobi. She lunged her fangs into her neck. Because Kurobi was much taller than Alysia, she had to hold on by wrapping her legs around her hip.

“My blood…drank too much…”

Alysia became absorbed in the sweetness of the blood. The sweetness and power in the blood captivated Alysia.

Because of her bloodsucking instinct that surfaced every several weeks and lasted for a few hours, drinking Kurobi’s blood became a habit.
This, without knowing, would cause incidents later–

02-12 – Black winged Alysia

After two months of training, with Kurobi teaching her the method of handling divine power, Alysia noticed something.

“…Hey, is my divine power increasing a little?”
“That is so…there’s no reason for it not to increase when sucking my blood like crazy.”

When hearing that from Kurobi, Alysia rejoiced at heart. When divine power increases naturally with training, it is a good thing.
-Without being familiar with it, one can waste nearly half of their divine power. You could say that the study of handling divine power efficiently is an important one.

“After, can I suck some more blood?”
“Eh, such a thing…I can’t decline. Okay…”

Although she disliked it a little, sucking blood delighted her. Blood such as this was unrivaled. Every vampire in the world surely want to taste it. However, she felt a bit bad that Sheriana could monopolise her blood.

“A God is also a life-form, if you… suck too much blood…”
“Okay, I’ll keep training myself under you.”

Alysia’s tight smiling mouth was wet with blood, it wasn’t such a problem for her! Kurobi tsukommi’d in her head.

More time had passed, and Alysia learned the method of using the direct power of divine power. There seems to be a way to use divine power more efficiently than magic. For example, it seemed that you could easily use spells that require a lot amount of magic for an instant.
…And as for Kurobi, who was flying through the air, had a beaten body.

“Look out! Avoid the place to your side, not your diagonal!”
“Wowwow, rely on your hands!”

What’s important in magic is the mana and efficiency of the magic, as well the speed of releasing the magic.
A normal human can release mana at a rate of twenty per second, or thirty, in the case of magical knights appointed in palaces. But for Alysia, it was already possible to release mana at a rate beyond one hundred per second. It was even faster than that of vampires, without considering the age.

Divine power boasts a strength seven times more powerful than magic, but Alysia could only use it at 60% efficiency. At this stage, Alysia could release magic four times as powerful.

“Flame balls, ninety-six, dense!”

Alysia made a much as ninety-six huge balls of flames appear. When fighting against the demon beast, like that enormous boar, only around twenty were larger than it. The flame balls approached Kurobi with complicated movements.

The flame balls surrounded Kurobi. She heard the word “dense” in the invocation and understood that about the flame balls. Kurobi decided to obediently come under fire because she couldn’t escape using normal means due to the complicated movement.


WHOOSH! (or ROAR of the fire)

Wrapped in flames, Kurobi fell to the ground. Alysia hurried to where she fell and held Kurobi.

“Haha…I still wasn’t serious.”
“I only hear sour grapes, but it’s probably true…”

That night, as a prize for beating Kurobi for the first time, Alysia could suck her blood everyday, but not to the extent of death by blood loss.

The time where eleven months have probably passed from beginning training, Alysia tried waking up and an outrageously strange feeling was felt upon her shoulder and back. Although this was a matter of concern, she slid into the futon to doze off.
But something odd happened.


She felt pain in the strange place on her back. Because of the pain, she wondered what it was.

After all, the pain disturbed her sleep, and slowly from bed, she sleepily went towards the doorknob in the room.


When she walked like she normally did, she nearly lost her balance from behind. She who thought something had crowded the corner of her vision, turned her neck, and saw “that” at last.

‘What’s this…’

Unfamiliar jet black wings like those of a bat grew out of her back. It was certainly the wings traditional vampires had possessed.

Then Alysia had tried to run away and hide from Kurobi, but hiding your wings from a God–

“Hmm…I wonder. Maybe it’s like a throwback? I think it might have been affected from the divine power.”
“Maybe because I drank too much blood…?”

-After all, she came to talk to Kurobi which led current situation.

“…Because I know, for a fact, that you sneaked into my bed at night and had a midnight snack. It’s your own fault, haha!”
“It has come to light…anyways, this is no laughing matter! As it is now, is there are way to hide it from everyone at school?”
“Do something by yourself? Now, let’s get started!”

She said it as she went out of the house with Alysia chasing her outside. What she would do about her wings had made her anxious about how she would end up.

In addition, flying practice with the wings had been added to the day’s schedule.

Then one month later, it was the end of the training period in subspace and it was time to return from the God realm, so she sunk onto the floor.

“The wings…how will I do it…”

In the high-ceilinged Shinto shrine, her spiritless murmur echoed. Kurobi, with an expression that seemed to say “I told you so”, lifted up Alysia and had her stand in place.

“Fufu, isn’t this your fault? Now, return to your school dormitory.”
“Eh, wait a minute…!”

When Alysia backed up, Kurobi began concentrating her divine power to teleport Alysia. This was bad. Although Alysia had tried to interfere by using her divine power, her power was not as much as a God’s, and so, the transition would occur in one minute.

“Ah, stop! STOP!”
“Well, some other time! If there is anything, just call.”

Though she resisted until the very end, it didn’t mean anything. And Alysia, now in possession of wings, was released into the school dormitory.

02-13 – Elf village 1 

The transfer to the dorm room was a safe success, but there was a big problem.
Currently, Alysia had bat wings that couldn’t be hidden. Moreover, it didn’t seem like Fian was in the dorm room. When “they” strangely move, and are seen by other people, the pitiful names will spread. She arrived to the conclusion that waiting for Fian to come back was the safest thing to do.

In the midst of thinking of an excuse for the wings, Alysia remembered a certain thing. Because of the training, it was in the back of her mind. Today was the day to choose which subjects to take. Finding the paper with the subject choices, Alysia thought about which subjects to take.

On the other hand, the three, Fian, Sheriana and Claire, who were in a lesson, were anxious about Alysia, who didn’t show up this morning. Class ended, and when it was time to return, they went to Fian’s room. It was the hangout spot for the four. Because of the thundering cry, it was possible that Alysia had returned.

“Excuse me”

The three were going to enter the room, and Alysia, who had not come up with any excuse for what happened, was desperate and hasty.
Unable to hastily think of an excuse, Alysia gave up and decided to be honest to the three.

And they opened to door to the room.

Creak… (GACHA)

“…Oh, welcome back…”

The three entered and the first thing they saw was Alysia laying on the bed. And the big wings on her back.

“Alysia, that…”
“…I was right after all!”
“… In order to explain, just sit over there!”

Alysia said so and made the three sit in chairs in the living room, and also sat in a vacant seat. At this moment, the unaware person spoke excitedly.

“…The wing was hidden after all?”
“I slept, and it grew.”
“Even if it grew…”

Sheriana said amazed.
A vampire with wings shouldn’t have been born in over one hundred years. Just this was surprising, it was enough to be amazing. Sheriana stood up behind Alysia, and started to fiddle with her wings.

“This is vampire folklore… wings like a bat…”
“Stop, stop touching it!”
“Oh, you are Punipuni!”
“Oh, quit it! Get away!”

The wing joint was very weak, but moving the wings was possible because of the training. It was possible to escape Sheriana by moving the wings greatly.

“But I need a bit of advice.”
“What is it?”

At the night of that day, the four were gathered. Alysia wanted advice concerning the wings. For some reason, she had a bag.

“These wings just as they are, can I go out to school?”
“Umm…how should it be done?”
“…Well! I have an idea!”

Claire confidently raised her hand. Everybody didn’t have a clue, so they all looked towards her.

“It is my village. It prospered for several thousand years, so I think there are history books written about vampires. You might find something about this.”
“History books, perhaps a method of concealing the vampire wings was written.”
“Yes, but it takes two days by carriage to my village…”

Claire seems to have come to a deadlock at an important place and makes a dark expression. But Alysia wouldn’t stop with just this.

“If it takes two days by carriage, then a carriage shouldn’t be used.”
“Oh, isn’t a carriage the fastest method of movement?”

In other words, Alysia was talking about her wings and flight magic. With this method, Alysia was confident she could move at a speed of ten times that of a carriage.

“Because I want Claire to come, I’ll cast flight magic. Is that okay?”

Alysia immediately applied the flight magic on Claire.

“Wa…I’m actually flying!”
“We will return on the dawn of tomorrow! Let’s go!”

She made a will and flew out of the open window. Sheriana was fascinated by the form of the opened wings and was unable to recover for several minutes.

They flew for three hours at an impossible speed of half the speed of sound (170 m/s) and arrived at the immense village where the trees flourished.

The village was located deep in the mountains. It felt too large to be called a village, Alysia was surprised because she originally thought that it was small. There were a variety of houses, hollowed out trees and log cabins atop of the trees.

Inside the village, there was a remarkably large tree. It seemed that that was Claire’s house. The two of them spoke to the person that seemed to the the gatekeeper of the village while holding their chest throbbing with expectation and tension.

02-14 – Elf Village 2

“Excuse me, I’m sorry…”
“I’m sorry? What are you doing in the middle of the night…tsk.”

Standing in the front of the gate, Alysia spoke to the gatekeeper. But he stepped back and readied the spear in his hand. That’s what you would expect because the Princess of the village was behind Alysia, who had open wings like a bat.

If it was just the Princess, then there would be no problem. She could return anytime she wanted, but the problem was Alysia. Her wings oozed magic and her presence intimidated the gatekeeper.

“Away, you wretch! Get your hands off the Princess…!”

The pair, Alysia and Claire had turned their eyes to the overly cautious gatekeepers as if they saw something interesting.

“…Since when did I put my hands of Claire?”
“No, nothing has happened to me…right?”
“Even if you ask for agreement, it’s troubling”
“To speak like that to the Princess! What!”

Such things were said by the curious pair, but it seemed like this was disagreeable to the gatekeeper.

“This is Alysia Latrommia, a friend at school.”
“… If you are the friend of the Princess, I’m sorry. Please forgive my impoliteness.”

The gatekeeper lost his strength, bowed deeply to Alysia and opened the gate. This immediate change to new circumstances seemed to have been fascinating for the two, who laughed over and over.

They pass through the door in the huge tree root and enter the inside of the house, where a housemaid was. Rather than a home or a house, Alysia couldn’t help but call it a castle.

Ornaments placed in the vicinity, paintings hung on the wall and a chandelier suspended from the ceiling. An untrained eye would be able to understand that these were considerably expensive. Hundreds of candles which utilised flame magic had shone in the chandelier.

Alysia looked around and restlessly walked through the hollowed out trees that made it look like a long walk through a corridor. It became uphill and the holes in the wall became less crowded and was also getting higher.

Alysia climbed up until the leaves at the top part of the tree could be seen from the wall hole, at that place the housemaid stopped. This double door huh――So Alysia have generally guessed what was this place.

“Here is Mr Reraku’s study.”
“I know.”

Claire, who interrupted the housemaid’s words pushed the double doors open. A big, wide desk and a book shelf were lined across the opposite sides of the room.

The youth sitting down in the desk would be Claire’s father, but without looking at him, Claire opened a drawer placed near the door.

“Borrow father’s key to the vault and go!”
“Oh, Claire…stop!”
“Alysia, let’s go!”

Without listening to the voice her father telling her to stop, the pair came out of the study with just the key. The housemaid standing by the door was surprised, but guessing the circumstances, she immediately led Alysia to the vault.

“Thank you very much, you’re considerate.”
“Yes, because you are the Princess’ good friend.”

When Alysia thought had been seen, the housemaid entered the study. Perhaps she could persuade Claire’s father.

“Claire, is this okay?”
“It’s fine. Because father was opposed to me going to school.”
“…Thank you.”

Embarrassed, Alysia faced downwards. When she did, Claire took her hand and they started to climb the uphill corridor.

“There, what about that book on the ladder?”
“Hmm…It was here. Shelf number 107, at 17th row the entire series is identical, eh.”

It was Alysia who said so, and retrieved a great deal of books out of the shelf. Currently, the two could call the vault a jungle of history books, especially for covering vampire topics.

Nearly one-hundred books were already found, it’s the result of searching using Alysia’s mysterious theory of,
“Many things is a good thing”

“It’s about time to start reading.”
“Yes, I piled it over there.”

Alysia suggested to Claire, who pointed to a desk and sat down in a chair. To destroy the tower of books from top to bottom, they started to read.

“Oh…what’s this…?”
“Was there something?”

It took a while after they started to read. It was already evening and it seemed that Alysia had finally found a related book.

“This is a history book aimed for vampires. It is said that magic circles could possibly store their wings, as for the data, it is recorded in it. Then for the method, it manifested only by concentrating their magic power, and they should able to freely store it.”

Claire peeps at the magic circle in the book from the side of Alysia.
A double circle was drawn outside a six-pointed star. A hexagon was drawn inside that star, and to connect the vertices of the hexagon, another six-pointed star was drawn. Between the double circles were a variety of straight lines, curves, and symbols.
A bit like this, maybe? (my paint skills are 2gud)



Alysia, who tried to read and solve the contents, unconsciously turned away due to its complexity.

With a magical circle there is some kind of procedure to see how to cause the phenomenon. The two six-pointed stars, in this case, showed the necessary magic and the lines drawn in between the double circle carry out the role of creating the phenomenon.

The shapes drawn on the inside, lines, triangles, squares, five/six/seven-pointed stars are used in witchcraft and can be used many times. Based on the complexity with the shapes, more magic is used. The magical circle described in the book had a huge mana consumption of over two thousand. When this was conveyed to Claire-

“The amount of mana exceeds two thousand…well there’s no problem.”
“It’s not much of a problem.”

Such a conversation was performed.

Alysia, now, worked on analyzing the magic circle which she had abandoned. First, you draw the magic circle where the wings were, which would replace the substance that makes up the wing into magic, allowing for them to retract. After that, you would engrave the magic to manifest the wings on the back.

With magical power it was possible to do every possible supernatural phenomenon by will power, it was possible to the extent of converting material, but that is originally accomplished using  divine power. Magic power born since the creation of the world was derived from divine power, and in regards of such matters, magic power is inferior.

“Hmm…to make improvements by using divine power instead of magic…just a little bit of time isn’t enough.”
“Huh? What?”
“Ok, I give up, I’ll have to write on this piece of paper. Since it had come from that room.”

In order to get to the God Realm, magic ink and insulation paper was needed. Alysia took the fountain pen and paper given by Kurobi from her bag and started copying the magic circle. (Claire comes too)

At the dormitory room of the school, Fian was considerably irritated. It was because Alysia and Claire did not return yet. Sheriana was holding Fian.

“Why have they not returned yet! The other lessons will begin!”
“Because I almost returned, just a little more!”

Fian turned her attention to the open window. At that exact moment, Claire and Alysia came in from the window. And the wings from Alysia’s back changed its form into magic and became particles of light. The magic started at her feet and surrounded her for a while.

“I’m sorry for being late! Somehow made it.”
“I’m sorry, I stayed up all night. The village was also far and took three hours to go and two hours to return and…”

Then Sheriana, who was held down Fian until now, ran into Alysia. Staggering for moment with a troubled face, Alysia stroked the head of Sheriana.

“Am I being ignored? Ignored!? Even though I’m your roommate…”

With the sacrifice of breakfast and the heartbreaking cries of Fian, they arrived to class in the last-minute.



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