Arc 1

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On a certain summer night, a boy climbed to the rooftop of a private cramming school.
Naturally, at 10 pm, there was nobody there.
Only the brilliant, silver moon shone onto the rooftop.

The boy opened the iron door to the rooftop that is devoid of any life.
His name is Nakamine Touji.

Whenever school ends, it became a habit for him to come to the rooftop to see the moon.
Though many of his friends laughed at his strange habit.
He liked that time flowed slowly whenever he looked at the moon floating in the sky.

He rested his elbows onto the fence which surrounds the rooftop and gazed at the moon.
Since it was already past 10 pm, the moon was high in the sky, illuminating the town.

Then he suddenly noticed the moon he looked at was quivering.
Thinking it was an impossible phenomenon, he was lost in thought for a while.

He didn’t quite notice that the rooftop’s floor, itself, was shaking.

This building looked quite new, but it was actually fifteen years old.

Furthermore, as it had been built high twice, the joints weakened.
Therefore, it could be said that the rooftop he was at was considerably fragile.

The boy fell to the ground along with the fence in a earthquake that would go down in history.

He could somehow understand that this place was between the boundaries of the worlds, but didn’t know whether it could be referred to as such.

There was no feeling in his legs or arms, and was surrounded by a colour he couldn’t distinguish.
At that time, the odd colour changed into a solid white and the feelings in his arms and legs returned as well.

While looking around, an approaching figure could be seen from behind.

Moving his mouth, that couldn’t move like his limbs before, he issued a voice.

“…This…where am I?”

The figure that approached heard this and stopped.

“Though you may know this, you have died.”

The answer to his question was irrelevant and short, but contents were surprising.
Hoping this was a dream, he tried to ask the figure again, but was prevented by an unknown force.

“My job is to manage souls after death, but I was surprised to see the current list of the dead.
I did not think that that earthquake would be the cause of your death, so I created a small place in between the worlds to call your soul”

Then he noticed. The figure was Akashi Yuu.
He was his best friend in school.

Today, he was supposed to meet him there.

“Huh? Why is Yuu here in this place?”
“Though it wasn’t talked about, I was missing since seven months ago.”
“Speaking of that, it was…”
“At that time, they were looking for someone to become a God. My soul was worthy of becoming God. In the time that I was gone, I was travelling the world learning and gathering believers. Many times I had said that I wanted to go back to school, but the higher ups didn’t listen.”
“Becoming a God…and the higher ups…”

Having retorted to Yuu while amazed, he was returned with words with an innocent look.

“Well, this isn’t a dream, if it was, you going to cram school would be one as well”
“Then…am I dead after all?”
“Didn’t I say so before? By the way, you are currently a soul, or spirit. I can help you reincarnate safely, paying back for being gone. For you, my friend.”

Hearing Yuu’s words, he threw a question at him while laughing in his mind.

“Is it alright if it’s a fantasy world?”
“Of course, it that fine? I will be permitted to help you from here if necessary. If you want, you can become the most powerful.”
“Do it! Do it! Yuu, I’ll be happy to help!”

While pressing Yuu with great force, Yuu, though somewhat bewildered, muttered something.

“You will be born with your name considered, but sorry, your ability cannot be controlled. Maybe it’ll be interesting to watch you to kill some time, but it this good as it is?”
“It’s fine, thank you! Gods can be amused, too!”

Yuu drew a formation at his feet consuming divine power and called,

“Soul, mental forwarding, world number 23079, Circle of Reincarnation.”

His soul and spirit disappeared from the space between the worlds after in a second.
He entered the Circle of Reincarnation to World 23079.

01-01 – Birth

Since then how long the time was passed? He wondered inside the consciousness of his slumber.
Certainly, Yuu who claimed to be a God, should had told him that he was being called into a white square space which was called ‘The gap of the world’.
In that case then what is this place?

The sense of this was similar to waking up.
Was it a dream after all?

The environment suddenly became bright and light was felt going through his eyelids. That must have been a dream.

“A girl has come! The first child of the vampires!”

The yell of a man was heard, but it didn’t sound familiar. He tried to understand what was said, but it didn’t belong to any language he knew of. Because he couldn’t breathe, he burst out crying.

It was known that a newborn baby starts breathing by first crying. But he wasn’t relaxed, as he couldn’t remember such a fact.

“Good…it’s a girl. Didn’t our wish to have a girl come true?”
“…That’s good, but did you decide on the name yet?”
“I had a revelation from God a little while ago. Alysia would be good.”

The two were speaking joyfully, but to him, he couldn’t even understand a fragment of what they were saying. Successfully reincarnating into a new world was the only thing he knew.

The eyesight of a baby, as expected, was not very good.

“Hm? Why didn’t you take Melvina like I proposed before? But since it was a divine message, there’s no helping it…”
“Umm…why not make it a middle name?”
“Since the name would be slightly long, why not make it Mel? Hehehe! Your name is Alysia Mel Latrommia. Say hello!”

He was held up by what he guessed was his mother and figured that he was named Alysia though he couldn’t understand the language.
Though it seemed to be a slightly feminine name, that thought flew away with his excitement of his new life.

That was two years ago.

The territory owned by the royal family was called the Irukusu Kingdom and there lived Alysia’s parents. This Kingdom is famous for their tolerable nature of many races, even vampires as well.

Her parents were famous since they are vampire aristocrats and hold a great deal of power. It wasn’t a bad reputation, and their story of them taking part in a war for equality appealed to many races in the Kingdom.

They had met each other at a party, when they tried to take the same wine glass. Both of them had refrained from doing so and with that, their relationship clicked and became strong.

By the way, while they may have the body of a fourteen year old according to human standards, the genuine age of mother was 124 and father’s is 127 years old.

Because of the vampire’s longevity, like the elves, they live nearly ten times longer than humans. It was possible that, due to their similar age, they attracted one another.

After this party with many other vampires, she married and changed their surname to Latrommia. In the house of Latrommia, it was truthfully God who had decided on the name, Alysia.

Two days after being born, a celebration took place at night. As expected, nobility after nobility, gathered in the courtyard.

Because there is no discrimination, formally-dressed commoners also joined.
— Of course, the commoners were vampires.

In the corner of the courtyard, the place where dishes were stacked on tables, was where the mother, Nadia and the father, Auras was. Here, today’s guest of honour was laid between the two in a basket.

Auras touched the calm arm of the sleeping baby and raised a beaming smile.

At the same time, Alysia was dreaming, it was telepathy from God.

“Uh…again? Where am I?”
“Greetings, it seems the reincarnation was a success.”

Because Alysia was in the pure white space like before, she though Yuu was there. But a beautiful woman in a scarlet dress with black hair stood before her, betraying her expectations.

“Ah, me? Valkyrie don’t have much to do in the God World, I was ordered to talk with you with telepathy from Yuu.”
“Is that so, what is it?”
“First off, though you were born as a female vampire, you didn’t seem to notice. It’ll be convenient once you know yourself.”

Alysia flashed a look of despair at the words of the beautiful woman.

“Why was I born as a female…I though I just had an overly feminine name…”
“I’m sorry, because of a rule, it was randomly decided?”
“Also, what was the rule Yuu had mentioned?”

She remembered about the ability Yuu had said and thinks about it, and answered.

“Your ability…was decided to be the the ability to control contradiction to a degree!”
“Wait…your way of speaking…it’s not like Japanese people.”
“Ehh? It’s strange? Yuu said that you would be happy if I did it like this.”
“Who would be happy with that? …Wait a minute…”

The ability sounded like a story from Japan and she thought carefully if it was a strong ability.

“…What can you do with this ability?”
“In this world, it is a paradox. If studied thoroughly, you can erase existences and produce things from nothing. Of course, it cannot be controlled at all in the beginning. Even the omnipotent God couldn’t master it in the beginning.”
“Thank you, now that I understand I’ll persevere to learn this.”
“Your welcome.”

She said so while laughing.

“Because of your nature, you should have ten times more magic than an ordinary vampire because of your spiritual power. Though I wasn’t sure if you originally had divine power, it was tested that you were able to use it and it would be possible to increase it with training. It is also possible to become an eternal youth if your prayer is strong enough, making it difficult for you to die.”
“All this seems too good…I’m doubtful…”
“It’s fine! I am part of the God World and I have the power, and it will also be entertainment!”

As she tried to clear up the new misunderstanding, Alysia wondered and remembered something.

“If you say so. Wasn’t Yuu also talking about such a thing? If it’s necessary I’ll cooperate.”
“Oh, yeah. When it is necessary, I’ll call you with telepathy. And because it’s almost time…see you!”
“Wait! What is your name…”

Her consciousness faded away, preventing her from hearing her name.
It was decided that the next time they meet, she would absolutely hear it.

01-02 – Growing

Three months have passed since Alysia was born. It’s a little, but Alysia had experiences life in this world, and as usual…
…Was drinking milk from her mother’s breast.

In the beginning, she didn’t like the excessive nursing and crawled away at an astonishing speed for a baby whenever it was time. But, since you can’t resist hunger, drinking milk from her mother couldn’t be helped.

Though she couldn’t bring herself to drink, she was already getting used to it.

She noticed one thing during the days she spent doing the same thing. The linguistic acquisition speed.

For everyone who is young, the speed of learning a language is amazing, furthermore, there was no need to learn it, just by listening you can learn.

But if you had the intention to learn?
It was simple, the speed of learning increases by leaps and bounds.

As an example, when mother pointed to herself and spoke, the world would often mean mother. After only one month, conversation to a degree was possible.

Because of the reincarnation, she was a genius, but a devil to the neighbourhood, as they feared her. However, it was also due to the fact that the development of her vocal cords was quicker than that of a human.

“Fufu, Alysia will surely blossom into a beautiful girl in the future.”
“Don’t say such a thing!”
“Oh! You’re so cute when you’re angry!”

Dialogue such as this was repeated everyday, but a mother speaking normally to a baby looked surreal.

Their servants would often talk of Nadia and Alysia’s conversations while they were on break.

The speed in which she learns the language is accelerating because she often hunted for books in her father’s study. And because her mother was reading her easy books.

Alysia had big problems at the present with learning to speak.
That was the way she referred to herself.
(Japanese uses “watashi” as a feminine/neutral “I”, and “boku” or “ore” as a masculine “I” mainly, but there are plenty more)
Words like “boku” and “watashi” made her hesitate when speaking in the style of a woman since she was originally a man. Many different words to refer to yourself were there, and as such, she was troubled.

As a compromise, she used the equivalent of “watashi”, which was gender neutral. A slightly feminine tone wouldn’t be a problem since a vampire’s life is long.

By the way, Alysia’s hair developed recently, but it was a raven black. Where did this come from?
He father’s hair was brown and her mother was blonde. She always wondered about this, but settled on it being the God’s tease and cut that thought off with a light feeling.

Two years had passed since Alysia was born and it was her first time out of town.
Why? Because Alysia had wanted a certain book for her birthday.

In the town she lived, the library and bookstores didn’t have as many books, so she went to a neighbouring town called La Retir.

The largest school library was in the Irukusu Kingdom and even the bookstores were rich in books. Indeed, a town of learning, as they say. Many magic researchers purchase valuable documents and visit this town.

Arriving at the top bookstore after riding the shaky carriage, Alysia and her parents had a fight, because…

“Mother! Is that book not OK?”
“Please wait aAA….a moment! Wait a moment! Not the spellbook!
“Well, I think we can buy it, haven’t you noticed how large her magic power is? It’ll be fine as long as we watch her grow.”
“Even if you say that, she’s only two years old! …The clerk is staring at us!”

A year after being born, Alysia was already able to run around and because of that such things like this started a while ago. Because of the fight, she feared that the store clerk would kick them out of the store while they were shopping.

“Then, mother. These four books are fine.”

Alysia placed her hand on the pile of books and laughed when she looked at the titles.

[Elementary Magic for Beginners – First volume – Knowledge of Magic]
[Elementary Magic for Beginners – Second volume – Basics of Chanting]
[Applications of Magic – Chanting for Beginners]
[Magic Chanting Formulae, Complete work – Third edition – Beginner to Advanced]

It was just that.
Mother, who thought it was dangerous for a two-year old to learn magic. And father, who was glad to have such a wonderful daughter. Both opinions were correct after all, and in the end, the books were purchased and they prepared to return to their mansion by carriage.

Until she was two, Alysia did not concern herself with the slightly longer, 28 hour day that seemed to be counted in 16 moments. She had thought she would be sleepy since the days were long, but that was of concern to vampires, who were active at night.

The organisms that had evolved in this environment thought nothing strange of the length of the day. It also seems a year was composed of 360 days, and fifteen months of 24 days.

Alysia had read the purchased books eight hours a day and learned knowledge magic that easily surpassed the speed of an adult. But, the unfortunate thing was that her mother banned her from actually using magic until she was eight years old.
Therefore, the books had gathered dust in the corner of the room, to her regret.

According to book, “Knowledge of Magic”, it seemed people born with magic could manipulate and convert the magic within them into spells. Hypnotism, material remote control and telepathy were applications of magic, while sorcery was creating fire and wind, it said. Though in general, both were categorised as magic, because magic and sorcery followed the same principles.

When studying the art of magic, Alysia was especially surprised at the ancient language used in invocation.

English and Enguraishia would be the same if not for the differences in grammar.

According to the book, magic seemed to have come from another world 1000 years ago, where witches, in cooperation with 1000 people from the different world, a man succeeded in creating the art of chanting, or invocation.

As chanting with Enguraishia was a new concept, it was not used very often. It soon became a symbol and spread around the world, leading to more people that could use magic.

Everyone calls this man a sage.
Alysia couldn’t deny the possibility that this man hailed from Earth, since he could speak in English. There shouldn’t be any magic on Earth, so this was a mystery.

However, because the spell was cast in Enguraishia and the deciphering of it was essential, Alysia, who could somewhat understand English, had a large advantage in her development of English.

Strengthening her resolve to learn magic at eight years of age, Alysia diligently studied…

01-03 – At the party

Today is the eighth birthday of Alysia.
Her height had already exceeded four Thermes and her long black hair that reached her waist stood out. Thermes are the measurements of length in this world. Roughly four Thermes equaled a metre.

Of course, it was impossible to do nothing, so a celebration for her birthday will take place. It was decided that, to make the other vampires be at rest, a party would be held. A lot of people, without a commoner or aristocrat relation, came. Also, because Alysia’s parents had met each other in a party, they had a habit to invite a large amount of people.

Many people had come to see the famous prodigious child, Alysia. There was also a rumour that the King of the Irukusu Kingdom had come as well. Though her mother had suggested,

“Should I make some connections and have you marry the Prince?”

It was completely ignored by Alysia, who wasn’t interested.

Before the party had started, Alysia and her parents had met together on the second floor in a hall where a chandelier had shone. Alysia was wearing a pure white dress meant for children and had a ruby necklace on her chest.

If you think about it, this place was strangely noisy. Three soldiers were following somone and Alysia had received a talking-to about being respectful.

“Good? The King and many other nobles had come to the party, you should refrain from speaking like you’re on the streets.”
“Look. As I said before, there is a need to speak gracefully and politely.”
“Uu…Even if you say that…it’s embarrassing.”

One year ago, Alysia’s tone of speech had been made more elegant. But now when she talks, it’s embarrassing to speak like a female. Though it took some, her way of speaking slowly changed.

“You know, the way you speak…”
“Oh…I, I, wait a minute…” (she says “I” differently, I believe – わゎ、私は)
“You did it cutely, just speak as you were taught, alright? Continue speaking like this…OK?”

While being said, the cheeks of Alysia were dyed a crimson red and she looked down.
It’s an ordinary thing for a female. Even if their head tells them to move, their body – especially the mouth wouldn’t move.
And so she swung her shoulders and turned around to try.

“…How many people are expected to come to…mother’s and my party? A, well, AAaa!”

Her parents told her that she continued speaking like she was on the street. Alysia’s face reddened and she rolled on the floor. It wasn’t just this, for the words themselves were agonising.

“…Are you alright?”
“It’s OK….! …It’s not and…It’s alright…”

She got up from the floor, her tone was unconsciously corrected. When she turned her attention to Nadia, she was holding her mouth and laughing.

The so-called “elegant way to laugh”.

But this made her feel warm and embarrassed.

“You did it, just make sure to maintain your way of speaking for today”
“Yes, I understand, father … Uuu”

Coming out of the hall to the courtyard, Alysia was at a small table with juice in her hand, and her parents began to speak. The table was higher than her eyes and she secretly drank the juice little by little.

The juice was prepared for the party and was made of the mole fruit. It was the size of an apple and growed on a tall tree. It’s said to greatly recover stamina, so many adventurers eat them.

Because it was famous at a ingredient for magical medicine, Alysia wanted to drink it by all means. Compared to Earth, the taste would be a sour mix between grape and apple.

When Alysia tasted the mole juice, suddenly a man with a long white beard and mustache appeared before the table. Three soldiers clad in metal armour were standing behind the mustache man.

“Alysia, it’s the King, pay attention to your tone.”
“Awaa, I understand!”

This mustache man seemed to be the King according to Auras. As soon as Alysia’s face was seen, the King immediately stepped up.

“Are you not Alysia?”
“Yes, I am Alysia, if I’m not wrong, did my father guide you here?”
“Hoho, cheeky! It’s fine though.”

Alysia holds off the inevitable tension and embarrassment and sends a slightly cold gaze to the King. He was pleasantly laughing and held the mold juice to his mouth. Slight blood thirst was given off by the soldiers behind the King.

“Foff! Can you not look with eyes such as those!?”
(noise when you are angry and quickly breathe out air)
“Muu…what business do you have with me?”

Alysia prompted to stop wasteful talk and skip to the main subject. In addition to speaking like a female for the whole day, she couldn’t read any books. She was quite irritated.

“When you become twelve years old, I desire to have you marry my son as wife…”
“I decline.”
“I have already spoken to Lords Auras and Nadia…”
“I still decline.”
“You will became the Queen in the future…”
“For what reason!”

The King yells over Alysia’s complete refusals.
It was natural to decline the invitation for Alysia. Because she was previously a man and also that the Prince should be about twenty-five years old. So he was not, by any means, close to Alysia’s age.

“The Prince is a Lolicon!”
“…What is a Lolicon?”
“Well…it’s…sorry! …It had great meaning in the ancient language.”

Unintentionally, Alysia tsukkomi’d, but goes back on track. Worried that the King would be appalled, Alysia broke out in a cold sweat.
It was safe to say it was from the ancient language because the word Lolicon exists in English, as it is an abbreviation for Lolita and complex.

“Oh? Is that so? It somehow doesn’t seem very convincing.”
“It’s alright. I don’t want to become a Queen.”

Anyhow, it’s something if the King wanted something, Alysia thought with a female tone for some reason, and tries to leave.
But before she could advance one step, she was stopped by the King.

“Please wait a moment! When you’re twelve, would you like to attend a national magic school? You’ll attend the best classes with my guarantee…”
“…I’m interested in that!”
“It’s good that you think that. If you don’t mind, a document will be provided to the school.”
“Yes, that’s OK. Should I inform father and have him send a letter now?

Alysia left the place in order to speak to Auras about the magic school. Right now, she had begun to speak reasonably like a woman, but she did not notice this herself.

After that, Alysia conveyed the case of the magic school to Auras with a tone like before. He was astonished that the engagement with the Prince had been declined, but was more astonished by the fact that Alysia was speaking more politely like a woman.

“Alysia? Your tone…it’s alright?”
“Oh, um…I’m a bit familiar with it. But I’m still so embarrassed that I’d like to roll around everywhere…”
“If…are you OK with it? You know you don’t have to force yourself too much?”
“Understood. If it’s good to do it a little, then I feel at ease.”
“Well…let’s go back.”

Alysia, who was worried over continuing speaking like this, felt as ease when she was told that it was alright.

“As for me, I’ll be at my desk.”

So says Alysia, and with a mischievous smile, she returned to the party.

01-04 – First time with magic

Speaking of being eight years old, is what the day when something would happen.
It was the day of the release of Alysia’s mother’s ban on magic.

The day after the party could be said to be a pleasure of fantasy, waiting for six years was well worth the wait. The book that had been collecting dust in the corner, [Magic Chanting Formulae, Complete work – Third edition – Beginner to Advanced], was taken by Alysia.
Fortunately, because the fourth book wasn’t published in six years, she could omit the trouble of buying a book again.

Since her mother would tell her all about magic, Alysia ran to where she was waiting in the courtyard.

Alysia often fell to the floor because of the large book’s effect of unbalancing her small body. When a vampire is young they have little power, so they are similar to humans. An improvement in the body’s ability was the sign of when a vampire would experience an urge to suck blood.

“Alysia, you have finally come. Are you ready?”

Alysia had somehow arrived to where Nadia was. A large magic circle with a diameter of 10 Thermes (2.5 m) was drawn there.
A magic circle is a famous method of using magic, and are often used for barriers which are fixed in place.

For example, a barrier would be fixed to a building to prepare against an enemy’s attack. There are also fire barriers that defend against flame magic.

The circle here was intended to make a barrier that would allow Alysia to get used to magic. It was common to use this for people learning how to use magic because it would allow you to sense the magic that naturally exists in your body and around you.

Nadia activated the barrier which increased Alysia’s magic sensitivity. This was the most common method to find things in your body similar to nature.

“Okay, the magic is poured into the magic circle, right?”
“I see. Finally!”

Just as Alysia said so, her sight was suddenly dyed snow-white. When she noticed, her whole body began to hurt. She was attack with a sleepy feeling and lost her consciousness just like that.

Alysia stood in the middle of a square, white space and the black-haired beauty stood before her.
This time she was wearing a blue and light-green dress.

“Hello, it’s a fine day today.”
“…First answer my question. Why am I here?”
“Your tolerance for magic was insufficient. Your sensitivity to magic is stronger than an ordinary man, so when the barrier was activated, it caused an acute pain because it was too strong.”
“…I faint, and this dream is shown.”

Alysia said tiredly. It seemed it wasn’t all good having excellent sensitivity, because the majority of humans and vampires understand the feeling of magic with this method.

“Okay then, since you will soon wake up, I have to tell you one thing. Your ability to manipulate contradiction will be available to you when you become twelve years old.”
“It’s a little like awakening to your power, right?”
“That is so. Also, because your sensitivity to magic is keener, try testing it without the circle.”
“Oh, I see. Your name, what is…”

Her consciousness began to fade away when she started to say that. She thought she heard her say,
“I’m never going to tell you my name!”

“Please get up! Alysia!”

In Alysia’s ears, the calling of her name seemed sorrowful. It was probably Nadia, but because her hearing was hazy, she couldn’t hear well.

“I’m so glad…I was worried because you fell down so suddenly, how come?”

Alysia worriedly answers, while Nadia carefully listens.

“Yes…I think I have a sharp sense of magic, and because of that, the magic was too painful…so this time let’s try without using the magic circle.”

Having said so, Nadia released magic from her dominant, left hand and Alysia sensed it immediately.

“…Hee, so this is magic.”
“Huh? You feel it?”

Ignoring the surprised Nadia, Alysia started an invocation that she had remembered.

“I beseech thee, come. I desire magic. Fire!”

At that moment a huge flame appeared before Alysia.
She changed the direction of the huge fireball from the back of the courtyard and scorched the forest 200 Thermes (50 m) away.

Many people in the mansion saw the excessive display of magic power and felt fear.


Even Alysia, who was the cause of the magic, was surprised.
And at the same time, she realised the fear and convenience that came with magic.

01-05 – Bloodsucking problem

Alysia and Nadia were dumbstruck.
That was natural, because one complete beginner who had never practiced magic before had completely scorched the earth 200 Thermes away with beginners’ class flame magic which was used for the first time.

She fired the magic to the forest side of the courtyard instead of towards the mansion. She thought that was a good thing because no one would be there, but she felt grief for the vegetation, insects and small animals.

“Aa…mother…how did I…?”
“…Is it possible that you secretly practiced magic behind my back?”
“I did no such thing!”

Alysia said so while violently shaking her head left and right. Her long black hair hit her face and she divided it while feeling slightly depressed.

“…Is that so? If I was practicing, I wouldn’t let my magic run out of control like that. And the mansion had already become damaged.”
“All right, there are many good ways to control magic, so let’s go!”
“Wait, don’t pull! My clothes are stretching! Uwahh!”

Nadia pulled Alysia by the collar, dragging her towards some place.
Anybody who had seen a terrible spectacle like this would find a smile growing while watching.

“Wait a moment! Where am I?”

The place where Nadia brought Alysia was a very wide room with magic-powered lamps hanging on the wall.
There was nothing in particular here except for the lamps. Alysia’s voice echoed throughout the room.

“It’s the basement of the outskirts of the mansion. Because it is protected with a powerful anti-magic barrier, it’ll be possible for you to practice here. …Until you can handle your magic, you will stay here.”
“The barrier’s in this place?!…and why I can’t leave the barrier until I’m able control it….!!?”

Though she was worried by Nadia’s sudden declaration to not be let out until she can control her magic, she naturally expected this. Because–

“If you use such powerful magic all the time, would the mansion last? Therefore, until you can control it, you will stay here and practice!”
“Eeh!? I, I was already fine! Ah, wait, release me….!!”

She began to run towards the stairs at top come. But her torso was caught directly by Nadia and her feet just idled in the air.
Still struggling and wiggling her feet, she wasn’t able to escape the basement so she gave up.

“Yes, let’s begin!”

Alysia’s practice lasted until the ten.
First, by using beginners’ class flame magic, improvement in efficiency and mana consumption were learned. The anti-magic barrier nearly broke many times, but without that happening, training steadily advanced.
Actually, it was abnormal to be able to control ten times more magic than before.

However, for Alysia, it was impossible to control all her magic on her own, but with the use of magic circles, chanting and a seal by Nadia, the amount of mana Alysia used could be divided to optimal amounts. Alysia’s magic was divided into seven stages which she would use according to the situation. But it was still possible to use 1.5 times that of a normal vampire.

It was easy to change phases. Two to three could be open at once, it was easy, and was a convenient magic.

“It’s all right with this.”
“Thank you very much, mother.”
“Fufu, you’re welcome.”

Nadia hugged Alysia and lightly stroked her head. Embarrassed, she leaked out a voice, but she was feeling something, but it was not to escape the inside of her mother’s arm.

“Well, it’ll soon be lunch.”

The basic activity of a vampire takes place at night.
Therefore, when she entered the basement, it was night, but at this time it’s probably the day. It’s at this time that the vampire Alysia would normally become drowsy. Also because she consumed a considerable amount of mana in her practice.

“…If I return to my room, may I sleep?”
“Of course. Or would you like to sleep just as it is?”
“Yes…good night.”

Somehow, when Alysia was half-asleep, her behaviour became childish.
Alysia, who fell into Nadia’s chest, was carried by the so-called, “Princess carry”. Taking a book skillfully blocked by both of her arms, Nadia returned to the ground from the basement.

Another three years passed. Alysia was now eleven years old and compared to before, her body had grown larger as well as her mentality.

Her height is five Thermes and her long, black hair had finally reached her waist. To the extent that she could feel her hair when her arms were down her sides.

Furthermore, during the time she noticed a little swelling on her chest. She rejoiced and threw away all extra thoughts. Maybe she had mentally grown – or not.

Though she had begun learning magic at eight years old, she showed wonderful ability. Normally one would learn intermediate magic after five years, but in only three, Alysia had learned it. Almost completely by self-education.

Losing control of her magic like in the beginning didn’t happen anymore, and by using a great deal of mana in beginners’ magic, it was by no means inferior to advanced magic in power. Normally, beginners’ magic shouldn’t be capable of such power, but was made possible with the influence of such great magic power.

Her father, Auras, rejoiced knowing that his daughter had such strong magic, but didn’t say it to her.

She had grown in not only this aspect, but also with her manners.
Recently, Alysia had been using more of the feminine tone bit by bit. One day in a dinner——Though it was just a moment in the morning—— , she was being taught meal etiquette.

The feet are vertical from the chair, with your hands over your thighs. This was the basic way to sit down when having a meal. Alysia thought it was disappointing because it was surprisingly how you would ordinarily sit. She secretly retorted to herself.

“The dominant hand is on the right hand in regards to etiquette. Alysia, you are left-handed like me, so take note of this.”
“I see.”
“When cutting meat, stab it in the left side and cut it from a slanted angle, like this…after it’s cut and divided into a small size, it’s easier to eat.”


“Try again…in order to not make a noise? Then once again.”
“Yes, mother.”

The fork and knife from Earth are combined to become an Efiku. It carries the meat which you cut to the mouth. In order to not make a sound this time, she moved it with care.

After enjoying the flavour of the meat seasoned with salt and pepper, and fruits, she fully bit down with her canines.

“It’s under-cooked here…” (or rare can be used)
“As for me, it’s quite delicious when under-cooked. But do you think it’s good?”
“…Not really. It smells of blood too much.”
“Shouldn’t it be said that not liking blood as a vampire is unusual?”
“Well, blood is still useless for me…”

Until now, for several times, under-cooked meat wasn’t to her liking, there was even a case where it was rejected. It was said by Alysia’s parents that once a vampire reached the age of ten, she would start to eat this kind of food. But Alysia couldn’t come to like the “peculiar” taste of blood no matter what.

“I thought the bloodsucking urge would happen with this…”

Wondering about Nadia’s strange words, she raised a strange cry. With a slightly worried look, Nadia informed her with countenance.

“…If a bloodsucking urge doesn’t happen by around the age of thirteen…it becomes easy to be in a magic exhausted state, and is dangerous. Simply put, vampires should often suck blood.”
“Hee… what should I do?”
“I have no choice but to wait. On average, the bloodsucking urge happens around the time you pass the age of ten.”

It would become easy to be in a magic exhausted state, but with Alysia’s magic, which far surpassed that of an ordinary vampire, she didn’t know what would happen. The thing that would ordinarily happen to a vampire did not happen to Alysia, so her parents obviously worried about her. At the moment, even if it’s a year behind average, it’s just as well.

For Alysia, the dilemma of not sucking blood was dangerous. While thinking that her bloodsucking urge would occur later on, she reluctantly stuffed the uncooked meat into her mouth.

Chapter 01-06 – Flight magic

A certain day, Alysia was at the basement of the mansion which completely became her magic research centre.
How such an outrageous thing where the study of magic began dated three months ago.

When spreading magic foundations (scrolls?) on the table as usual, the item of research which accidentally entered her eyes was flight magic.

According to that book, flight magic didn’t seem to exist somehow. The types of humanoids that are able to fly among the beast-men, just the bird people, or from dragons, the dragon people, who were the strongest, could fly.

It’s a rumour that there are Yokai, who could fly in human form, and live in the far east, but the authenticity of that was unclear.

“Is that so…”

Alysia, who briefly finished reading the item had a disappointed expression on her face because of the fact that flight magic didn’t exist. Suddenly extending her arm in front, she put her face down on the book.

Let alone flying using one’s own body alone, even flying by straddling onto a broom like in those fairy tale stories was impossible.

Alysia didn’t have such little hope in magic this way, and reflected on what to do. As a result, research had currently started.

She initially thought and acted upon whether or not she could raise her body with wind from below. Although her skirt rolled up on a grand scale, it was possible to maintain this state of floating feet for a little over five seconds. There was a ray of hope in this, so Aleisha kept researching it more.

As a result of reflecting on the skirt, she reached the answer by putting a barrier that resisted wind magic around oneself.

“Reach, my wish. I wish to dance in mid-air! Flight!”


Alysia made completely original magic from scratch, flying magic that took advantage of her knowledge of physics from Earth in the east–


“…Ouch aa!”

The final result was a failure, and in an instant, she fell on her head.
Alysia, with teary eyes, rubbed her head. And then, her hand was hand on her notebook and an idea was written.


Drawn with a quill, there was a picture of a stick man at the center of a circle surrounded by a number of arrows. Perhaps the stick figure was Aleisha, the circle was the barrier that prevented the wind, and the arrows were the currents of the wind.

Aleisha let her finger run at the top of the circle. There, the direction of an upward arrow was changed to downward. The intention of how the wind wrapped around the barrier could be felt.

She simply thought. Whether it was this downwards motion that caused her to fall. When the air current doesn’t rise to the top with the rise, it’s natural to be pushed to the floor by the wind.

No time like the present. Thinking that she needed to reconsider air currents, she immediately went to the study desk. The goal was to use magical flight to look around the world, and towards the far east beyond the sea.

Several months after that. Under the full moon, Nadia was reading a book in the terrace raised a surprised view in her eyes.

“MO-T-H-ER!” (tl; you think about how you pronounce it)
“…Eh? A, Alysia, what’s the matter!?”
“Fufu, my flight magic was completed, I wanted to come outside.”

Nadia was considerably surprised at what Aleisha said when she appeared. But the surprise was immediately surpassed…

“…Haa, take care. Come back within two hours.”

And, to some extent being amazed, her voice was louder.

“I understand, I’m off!”

Saying her words, Alysia left that place.

“Excuse me.”

Inside the Irukusu castle, a lone man opened a door and entered. That man had a mixture of thick blonde and brown hair and was wearing luxurious clothing showing he was an aristocrat. There was the Irukusu Kingdom’s King, who came under the declined fire of Alysia three years ago to sit on the central throne. The scarlet curtains were installed on all windows, the whole area before the King was dim.

Before the throne. The man halts in place and kneels down because of the difference in level, and looks up without gazing at the King.

“Alysia is a girl with tremendous talent. Just being placed in the nation’s upper echelon, she’ll become quite a useful resource.”
“That is certainly so…but, three years ago, she declined the offer to be my son’s bride, so an invitation would be difficult.”
“What!? The invitation of the King was refused, when?”

The man’s voice resounded in the whole hall. He is the person entrusted with a portion of the country’s state of affairs, and one of the people who follow the King. It was natural to think that it was unspeakable to decline the invitation of the King by his state of view.

“…But, would you also know about what her race is?”
“That is so. It’s the aristocratic diplomats that had become the centre of the country now. For example, even for a young girl who may be a vampire noble, it wouldn’t be easy to impose unreasonable things at the time.”

At a loss for words for the King, the man had a run-down expression. If Alysia did not follow the King, the reaction would be disadvantageous. But the King, whether or not it was because he had little things to wonder about, continued the story.

“As for her…her two parents are: Nadia, who changed her name to Latrommia, and Aurus, who had gotten married several ten years ago.”
“Those two from the side of rebellion…!? As for Alysia, so is…”
“She also consents to carry magnificent talent. But to get her to be my son’s bride…”

The King’s voice with a hint of anxiety echoed, and the space before the King became silent again. Awkwardness came from the difficult emotional response of the King’s words, and the male, feeling he was bothering him, spoke.

“…I should get going then”

It was the man that broke the silence first. The he stood up, excused himself with a single word to the King.
The King, of course, did not think this would bring about a tragedy later.

01-07 – Attack

Alysia will be twelve years old this year
The flight magic she created when she was around eleven years old wasn’t officially announced just in case. It’s because it would be a problem if Alysia became so famous, and it was wished by her parents to not abuse flight magic.

With new technology like this, it was inevitable that if it was made for the people, it could also be used to murder people. With their experience from a long life, both of Alysia’s parents properly understand this.

In addition, when she was twelve years old on January 10, the King decided to personally invite her to enroll in a magic school. Currently, it’s January 6, and the next day is her birthday is on January 7.

Naturally, when you enter into magic school, you would ought to do many preparations: the academy’s specific robe and footwear, her own thick, blank grimoire, and many other things were necessary. The shopping for these things was already finished, and the packing was mostly done and was in a state where she could go even now.

On the blank cover of the thick book was “アレイシアの魔導書”, which in essence, meant “The Grimoire of Alysia” in English, and it included the flight magic that Alysia created and more than twenty other methods.
(tl; don’t know how else to do this, so this works)

…In other words, at this point in time, it is no longer blank. She doesn’t know whether a grimoire which isn’t blank may be taken, but the important magical material was created by herself. For her, it is not something light enough to leave behind in the mansion because she went to school.

School was in the location which exceeded the mountain range ahead of La Retir, which in the town where she first bought a book when she was two years old. A place roughly a whole day away while travelling in a carriage. Alysia would depart in the carriage by daybreak, and thus would arrive at the school by daybreak.

The kinds of things Alysia would do in magic school, she was looking forward to it very much. Certainly, she had studied advanced magic by self-educating and have come so far, so what kind of study is the standard of this world? Alysia remembered the excitement of it to the extent that her heart throbbed. Also, it would be because, in the past, a day-to-day “person”, which could be called a friend was not there. Because it’s a boarding school, it might have been the genuine expectation for such friends. She also wanted to make friends with other vampires, she thought.

The kinds of things that happen in school. The friends she could meet. The kind of place it is in the first place. Alysia opens her grimoire on the desk in the cellar with driving emotions.

“Fuu…a, that…?”

Alysia issued a seemingly sleepy questioning voice following a small sign. All letters written in the grimoire were visibly warped.

“…wha, what…come on…a…”


Drowsiness suddenly attacked, Alysia collapsed on top of the desk and slept.
‘Why did I become so sleepy?’ Without being given the leisure to consider the reason, she dropped off into sleep.

Noon of the following day. She woke up at the time where she usually couldn’t get up.
The vicinity was surveyed, and she was conscious of the fact that she slept in the basement. Tracing her memories further to the night of yesterday, she was attacked by drowsiness and remembered that she unintentionally fell asleep.

The reason why her upper body was raised was because she slept whilst sitting in a chair, she considered. The body was heavy and, in a physical and mental aspect, was weary. In addition —-


In her body, it was understood that magic that was not her own was found in trace amounts. Alysia had an idea about her state.

Hypnosis magic – if that had been used for this, the user’s mana left inside the body will be a small amount, and the aftereffect will be a bad condition for the following few days.

In this case, her present laziness and the falling asleep suddenly during study yesterday would be explained. The problem of the hypnosis magic was when, and where it was applied. Alysia felt a strong insecurity, looked around, and confirmed whether her clothes are disheveled.

“Without problems, and…”

She, who confirmed the safety of her body, stood up and went to the stairs at an uncertain pace. Of course, without forgetting her grimoire, which was placed on the desk, she held it.

Thinking who used hypnosis magic and why, she had an everlasting, unpleasant premonition. Although there was the possibility of an attack in this situation, staggering, and hurrying, she returned to the mansion.

“Darkness wall!”

Alysia, who wasn’t accustomed to sunlight yet at noon, made a small dark wall to interrupt the day by using the grimoire at present.
The circular wall of darkness which appeared above Alysia by six Thermes (1.5 m), so it can slide along with Alysia. Even with the aftereffect of the hypnosis magic, Alysia easily handled the dark wall, though it may appear this way, the degree of difficulty hit the higher rank of intermediate magic.

She entered the door of the back garden to the inside the mansion, but wherever she faced, the sign of people was truly non-existent. The corridors in the mansion were as still as death, and it was certain that there was something there.

However, it was impossible as there wasn’t even a “serious matter” that would make a person disappear. She thought that, by all means, she could exercise magic with the grimoire again.


It’s possible of this magic to sense objects and magic as the name implies. Because the radius was two hundred Thermes (50 m) with what you could perceive, the whole residence was grasped.

It was possible to sense many signs that appeared to be sleeping in the back of the kitchen at the same time. Two out of the four people inside which were sensed to have strong magic would be Nadia and Auras. The other two people which she doesn’t know were close to the entrance confused.

Alysia began to run. Furthermore, she accelerated with body reinforcement magic, and prepared to saying magic to exercise at any time. Strangely, the aftereffects of the hypnosis magic became quite weak at the same time.


She arrived at the kitchen in only several seconds, and opened the double door energetically. When she did, without time to react to her circumstances, a small fireball suddenly appeared before her eyes.

The fireball was prevented with a magical barrier which was instantly stretched, immediately after that, not giving an opening, the flash of a sword approached from directly above. Though the sword grazed her, she rolled to the side, and caught the form of the source of the attack.

The man who lifted the sword was shaken, and he lowered and met eyes with Alysia. When judging from his appearance, it felt as if blond youths seemed to be everywhere.

“…Who are you? What business do you have in this mansion?”
“I won’t tell you. I’m merely just employed.”

Alysia tried to ask the man again in a cold reply while feeling a little anger. However, since he spoke words that were full of power, she unconsciously calmed her feelings.

“Employed…? Who employed you?”
“…Did you think I’d say that? The only thing I’ll say is that I was called to cut down a girl with black hair. No more than that!”

The man’s sword shot a straight light in the air at the same time as he finished talking. It was invocation-less thunder magic clad on the sword.

With this style of killing, the wounds are enhanced, furthermore, the range is increased, and receiving the blow will paralyze your body for an instant.

“…!? A good solution can be found with peaceful discussion with each other…kyaa!?
“There is such talk with you!”

Moving her body sideways and her rear at the very limit, the single blow was evaded. Then Alysia remembered the embarrassing voice she let out unconsciously.

The man, who scythed down her side planned his approach to Alysia. In contrast, while Alysia doesn’t have a weapon at all, even while escaping from the sword, consecutively cast beginner’s magic like a barrage, as if to return the favour.

—- However, though much beginner’s magic was let loose, the damage is caused was almost non-existent, the man’s magic barrier mostly defended against it.

Alysia was in trouble. It was mostly certain to be able to damage the man when using large magic, but it causes damage to the mansion and the people put to sleep inside the kitchen, too. Unless they take refuge, an employee and her parents could be injured by a stray projectile of magic.



During the time while she avoided the sword, Alysia had been driven into a dead end. There was a wooden door in front of her, and she found out that in the room ahead of it, the key was probably turned, and it was a dead end all the same.

The sounds by which the man stopped is behind. Alysia turned her back to the door and looked back at the man.

“It’s already a dead end. Quietly give up.”
“…At this degree, do you think I’ll give up?”

When the lock of the door is grabbed underhand, Alysia used the Herculean strength of addded body reinforcement, the lock of the door was destroyed.


The entire right-hand side of the lock which was attached to the door changed into splinters, and crumbled down together with Alysia.


There, the ceiling and wall was covered in stone. However, that wasn’t important. Alysia’s parents and all the servants of the mansion were put to sleep there.

Alysia’s thoughts stop. That was only a mere instant, but she displayed an opening and her time was over.
The stab of the sword clad in lightning caught Alysia precisely from the rear and it was already too late before she noticed the attack. Not to mention at point-blank range, it wasn’t enough to evade, so a magic barrier was put up—-

The sword went through Alysia’s heart.

Alysia had a marvelous expression on her face, fell down on the floor, defeated. The sword passed through at that time, and the abundant blood started to overflow from the wound.

The man says something and shook the blood off the sword, and went away from the pantry. In the pantry, only the sleeping inhabitants of the mansion, and Alysia, wet with blood was left.

—- God…a…add, ke…!

She, with her vague consciousness, tried to let out a voice to seek help.

01-08 – Attack 2

Consciousness was gradually becoming unclear. The feeling of the hand and foot faded and weakened, the pain of the wound in the breast was pulled away.

Whether or not there was a way to overcome this situation, her consciousness faded whilst thinking over it. But of course, it was apparent while conscious that decent thoughts were difficult to maintain.

Strong self-healing is possessed by vampires, however, until you live for one hundred years will the heart recover, and thus drastic measures were difficult.

Perhaps a recovery could be made with healing magic, but the current Alysia’s magic wasn’t to the extent of being useful, so it couldn’t be relied on too much.

“U…Eee…Keho…” (cough)

Being able to do nothing by herself was regrettable, tears and feelings surge from her. A second life was sufficiently luxurious at this point in time, but it’s impolite talk towards the deceased to say it was wasteful. So, she made a decision here.

Sink or swim, to live or to die, two for one. If nothing is done, death cannot be escaped, only slight hope could be seen in her behaviour.

That is to become eternal youth to continue keeping the current appearance forever. Kurobi had said that it would become difficult to die that way.

You would need to be careful, by no means was being an eternal youth the same as being “immortal”. Alysia cried out for God who may be watching her now, and wished hard.

—- Now, please make me an eternal youth…! There are still things I want to do…

Emotion filled her words, however, even with her consciousness blacking out, there was nothing left out in the end.

Just before she lost consciousness. Somewhere, an awfully nostalgic voice with a slightly fun volume was thought to be heard.


Until now she had a dream whilst asleep with was similar to feeling nothing. Lightly opening her eyelids, it was faintly visible in the dark of her line of sight and she touched the floor with her finger.

Although the roughness is reminiscent of material from a tree, it felt hard, as though it was exposed to air like coagulated blood—-

“…a, Aa! …that’s right, as for me…”

Before she fainted, something was remembered, in a moment her consciousness was perfectly clear. Alysia raised the upper part of her body and unconsciously touched the left side of her chest.

The wound on that part wasn’t found, her clothes had a large opening and her skin was wet from blood. She was completely convinced that she became an eternal youth.

As expected, it was surprising that after becoming eternal youth it was able to cure a hole in the heart. Make it the height, make it the chest, whether they won’t grow anymore made her feel deserted and empty somewhere.

However, rather than herself, waking up the people who still sleep takes priority. Perhaps when destroying an installed magic circle for hypnosis magic, they should wake up. To immediately find and release the magic circles, she goes next door where her parents are.



The instant she advanced two steps, she was suddenly attacked by drowsiness similar to the preceding day. Further down probably seemed to be the reach of the magic circle. Weight was hung on her rear, and with immediate judgement, she fell to the floor on her back.

If it was here where she collapsed before, it was a very dangerous place, and fortunately, thanks to the square (tl; range of spell) she was able to immediately find an established magic circle.

Alysia held her hand over the magic circle, and poured out a large quantity of mana at once. With this, the mana destroyed the circuit, and the magic circle was neutralised.

And when the magic was poured into the fourth circle—-

“…Nn, here…?”
“Ah, mother!”
“…Alysia! …How is there so much blood…are you all right!?”

Alysia, with momentum, clings to Nadia, who has woken up. Her mother was in an anxious state about her bloody daughter, but Alysia doesn’t get away while embracing her mother.

Before she knew it, her father, Auras, got up, turned his eyes to see a gaping hole in Alysia’s clothes revealing her back, and floated a doubtful expression on his face.

Afterwards, one servant after another got out of bed in the mansion. The most of them, who were confused, were unable to understand what had occurred.

“…What happened?”
“Well, father. As for the explanation…is it good to take a bath before that?”
“Thank you, while you’re at it you change your clothes.”

Confirmation was already difficult in the gloomy pantry at night, but she finally noticed that she was wearing terrible clothes. Alysia made away from the pantry, took black clothes out of the closet, and went into the bathroom.

—- After Alysia just got out of the bath, she received a barrage of questions by both her parents, but it was natural. It couldn’t be helped that there was also a part that was converted, but she obediently told them that they had been asleep by hypnosis magic, that there was a person who tried to kill himself, and that it was their own blood that they shed in the pantry.

One way or another, the event was a serious one, but today it’s Alysia’s birthday. That day, until she fell asleep in the day, she celebrate all throughout the night.

01-09 – To school

It was the dawn of January 9th. For the sake of going to magic school from this day onward, she boarded a carriage. Because she was usually diving into her soft bed at this time, she rubbed her drowsy eyes.

Because of the school’s dress code, or from the fact that what she was currently wearing was now to her liking, she wore a long one-piece skirt. It’s whole colour was a simple black, similar to the one twos days ago which had become ragged due to the incident.

As for the ride on the carriage, the luggage which was two suitcases was not in the carrier, but was placed under her seat. With a wide breadth, the seat, as it is, was enough to lie down and sleep on. On the opposite side facing the seat, there was also a desk with a size where you could open a grimoire in the centre.

She sat down again and again to make sure it was comfortable and cozy, and leaned from the window to her parents who were standing.

“Mother, father, I’ll be going…sleepy.”
“Maybe you could get some sleep in the carriage?”
“No good…this coachman was also sent by the King, and is suspicious.”
“Being so doubtful…”

Her father was overly cautious over Alysia, but because she was on the verge of death, it couldn’t be helped.

“Have a good time at school. Take care!”
“I understand, I’m off!”

The carriage received the voice of Alysia, and began to slowly move. She kept waving her hand while sticking her body out of the window until she couldn’t see her parents anymore.

After that, she opened the grimoire and put the quill on the desk, and watched the immense grassy plain from the window which continued to the horizon endlessly. Occasionally, she took the quill pen in her hand and wrote down techniques and ideas in the grimoire as she thought of them. She had the intention of doing so until she arrived to school.

What kinds of things were waiting ahead at school in a day? Alysia could only be filled with expectation.

The setting collection

 Person …… or, was it vampire?

Name: Alysia Melvina Latrommia.
Race: Vampire, Eternal youth.
Sex: Female
Age: Twelve years of age, body age fixed here
Birth: January 7
Height: Five-four Thermes, one hundred thirty-five centimetres
Weight: Can not read if you are steeped in blood
Appearance: Long black hair reaching the hip, dark red eye, white clean skin

Note: Previous life was a normal junior high school student named Higashi Ji
Perhaps because of that, he she hates feminine behavior
Although not yet available, has the ability to manipulate contradiction to an extent
Often dressed in black dress by his her mother’s preference

Name: Nadia Latrommia
Race: Vampire
Sex: Female
Age: One hundred and thirty-eight years of age, fourteen year-old body
Birth: January 3
Height: Six Thermes, hundred and fifty centimetres
Weight: Can not read because it is burnt black
Appearance: Blonde hair a little under the shoulder, white skin

Note: Often wears a black dress as a matching set with her daughter
She has a pretty daughter complex, namely daughter love syndrome

Name: Auras Latrommia
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: One hundred forty-one years of age, fourteen year-old body
Birth: May 20
Height: 6.2 Thermes, one hundred fifty-five centimetres
Weight: Nine Maltz, forty-five kg
Appearance: Brown Hair that has been trimmed to just above the shoulder, white skin

 About Witchcraft

Magic: Alteration or movement of objects present. Hypnosis, Telepathy and remote control of substances

Sorcery: To cause a phenomenon. Such as creating fire or wind.

It has become a popular to practice both magics recently.

Out of the ancient languages that are used to chant, the most commonly used is Enguraishia, which is almost the same as English

According to a book of material, more than one thousand years ago, someone from another world cooperated with hundreds of witches, and was successful in running the procedure of transportation between different worlds. Magic was not too popular at the time, but as more people chanted in Enguraishia, it spread across the world and became a symbol. Now everyone calls that person sage.

There are many different types in magic. New attributes are derived and applied in each lineage.

Fire, Water, Wind, Ice, Thunder

Light, Darkness, Shadow

Space, Creation, Time, Destruction

In addition, Gods and many spirits have each of the attributes present.

 About Races

Human species
Dwarf, Human, Giant

Spirit species
Spirits, Fairies, Elves

Beast race
Dog people, Cat people, Snake people, Horse people, Bird-man, Dragon people etc.
(tl; dragon according to Google translate with Chinese)

Vampire, Demon, Monster, Asmodian, God tribe etc….



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