Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-30

Finally done with chapter 30. Some of you might ask why bother translating an already translated chapter but, I still think it’s worth it. Some of you might have read chapter 30 already and won’t read it again. It’s a bit sad but inevitable. Starting from next chapter however will be completely new dakara nee!~

Just be patient and wait~ (more…)

Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-29

Finally done with chapter 29….. It actually went quite fast because I used Berserker’s as a reference. Apparently he used google translate to help him, that’s why I found a lot of sentences mismatched and had different meanings to what it should be. After chapter 30 might be a bit slower because I’d to start from scratch myself. But hey, rikaikun is still helping me so I’m gonna be fine, totally fine…….. (more…)

Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-28

Finally I’m done. It took a lot longer than I thought. Fuuuu~ So tired

Translating is definitely not easy, I respect thee translators-sama. This chapter was already done by Berserk, but I find the translation lacking so I decided to, wholeheartedly, re-translate the whole thing. I still used his translation and raw as a reference though. Thanks again to Berserk-san. (more…)