Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-23

02-23 – Jump landing

TL: Thatguywhosthere

Alysia had finished filling out the whole form, at last, Rish had woken up and woke Claire, together with Fian and Sheriana. Today is the second day of the holiday, tomorrow are lessons, so returning to the academy is a must. Furthermore, Alysia had to send Rish to the castle, in addition, it was necessary to speak to the King about the issue of the attack a bit more. It was only the second day of the holiday and it was possible to say adverse effects had come to the Imperial capital, the first day had become a considerably busy day. (more…)

Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-21

02-21 – Princess and Prince

TL: Thatguywhosthere

She advanced straight towards the town centre, and now Alysia had immediately come to the castle gate. A deep moat and a drawbridge, grey stone and brick fortified the castle walls. All making whole castle’s nobility feel strong. The drawbridge was lowered so that Alysia could speak with a spear-holding soldier. When the young girl donning a wonderful scarlet dress looked up at the relatively large castle, everybody thought it was strange. (more…)