New Project Coming Up Soon.

As the title says, a new project is coming up for this blog!

A WN translation. As you all know, Le Festin is going to finish in a couple chapters, about 18 chapters, and it was sadly abandoned by the author in a way, that it never actually had proper ending. While contemplating on whether I should continue or start a new project, or might as well finish it up and start on a new one, someone recommended me an interesting WN. (more…)

Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-33

I’m back everyone! With a new chapter of course. I’m sorry for the lateness, after I just made a schedule. I’ll release another one this week to make up for it. Just you wait.

This week has been a blast, I mean busy. Ehm. I had a farewell party, karaoke (with anime songs and some Miku songs), school graduation formal, my birthday party (first time drinking vodka), and another farewell with an exchange student from japan. It was a fun and tiring week. After that, I got hooked up reading this time travel Naruto fanfic, and that lead me to another fanfic, and another one. It’s really interesting I tell you. I’ll post the link if there’s anyone interested~ (more…)

Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-30

Finally done with chapter 30. Some of you might ask why bother translating an already translated chapter but, I still think it’s worth it. Some of you might have read chapter 30 already and won’t read it again. It’s a bit sad but inevitable. Starting from next chapter however will be completely new dakara nee!~

Just be patient and wait~ (more…)

Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-29

Finally done with chapter 29….. It actually went quite fast because I used Berserker’s as a reference. Apparently he used google translate to help him, that’s why I found a lot of sentences mismatched and had different meanings to what it should be. After chapter 30 might be a bit slower because I’d to start from scratch myself. But hey, rikaikun is still helping me so I’m gonna be fine, totally fine…….. (more…)

Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-28

Finally I’m done. It took a lot longer than I thought. Fuuuu~ So tired

Translating is definitely not easy, I respect thee translators-sama. This chapter was already done by Berserk, but I find the translation lacking so I decided to, wholeheartedly, re-translate the whole thing. I still used his translation and raw as a reference though. Thanks again to Berserk-san. (more…)