November 15, 2015

Witch Life

A web novel about a witch who got reincarnated in a world of sci-fi (espers) or so she thought.

It’s a really interesting web novel that tells us the story of Claudia, a female magician who gets reincarnated into the modern world. The new world consists of normal humans and espers, while there are pro and contra to espers’ right. Claudia lives her not so ordinary live with her new family and friends, while still recognising most of her acquaintances from her previous life being reincarnated. She also joins an esper intitution while hiding her true power, magic.

It’s currently being hosted at another blog so I’ll just put the link here. I saw it by chance one time, and the author is a nice person. A senpai from the same home country as me, what a coincidence.


Please enjoy~

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