The Beast of the 17th District – Chapter 07

Chapter 07 – A Night in Blood

Out of the sleeping boy’s body a blob of goo, coloured a dark crimson seeped out of his skin. Soon the blob flipped itself onto the floor with an amazing backflip. Though what landed was no blob, but a young man clothed in crimson. He looked exactly like the sleeping boy named Stein. With the exception of his eyes, which were as crimson as his clothes.


The Beast of the 17th District – Chapter 06

Chapter 06 – Awkward Dinner

By the time everyone was clean of their sweat and at the table, the meal had been prepared along with the various cutlery and dishes. Excited chatter came out as we listened about each other’s day and about problems we faced and how to fix them. It was our evening routine, in the morning everyone was in a rush and by lunch we were separated. So, we normally have family time in the evenings. […]

The Beast of the 17th District – Prologue

Prologue – My World, My Existence and a False Prophecy from the Ancients.

In the world of Merchia there exist three country islands. The land of seas, Blunar. The wastelands of thunder, Rightening. Lastly, there is the land of the living, Molvar.
The land in which this story take place is Molvar. The home of those who hope for a life, free of nature’s wrath. The land is split into twenty one districts. Each district, holding a great power. The powers vary, from ancient monster clans to the beasts newly born. Each district is ruled by such a power. The most prominent in strength is the human inquisition, where demi-humans hide and humans rule. Practicing arts both new and old, in order to fight against the more powerful clans and the spawn of the beast. Slowly gathering strength and elites, to destroy the clans and spawn of beast in one fell swoop. […]

The Beast of the 17th District – Chapter 04

Chapter 04 – A girl causing an accident.

I rushed to the house after school. It was a big house with a black roof, spotted with solar panels. I walked to the door, to find it slightly ajar.

Worrying that something may have happened, I entered.

I heard a beautiful voice singing. I followed the voice and got closer to the sound. Almost in a trance I moved up the stairs and found the origin behind the singing, it was behind a door. The song stopped and I opened the door to see, an amazing body in front of me. […]

The Beast of the 17th District – Chapter 03

Chapter 03 – A girl’s childhood.

‘Who would want to marry a girl like you’ said the boy with the bruised cheeks.

It was clear that the two children had fought, however only one of them was injured. The boy ran off after saying his piece, fearing the repercussions for his actions. The group of children, which were crowding around followed the boy. […]

The Beast of the 17th District – Chapter 02

Chapter 02 – How it feels to be confessed to, without giving an answer.

I awoke to the sound of birds chirping outside my window. The early awakening caused me to roll off my warm bed and just lie there for a minute. The floor was so cold, I felt like crying just a little. Psyching myself up, to face the day I pushed myself up, and walked to the bathroom, after relieving myself of my full-bladder and washing my hands I stared at the mirror. […]

The Beast of the 17th District – Chapter 01

Chapter 01 – The First Day

It was the end of the first day of the young man’s second year of middle school, when the young man was called out to the front of the school. The young man did not understand what was happening, but as soon as he reached the school gates, a girl leaning on the left pillar of the gate, ran towards him. In front of the crowd of onlookers heading home, the young man was the centre of attention or rather the young woman, who ran to him was. […]