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Written by Aria Lunaria

   Looking at the countless stars in the sky was a young girl standing in silence. Her pure-black dress and jet-black hair were like the personification of the nothingness in the universe itself. She had pale skin and the features of her face were cute but elegant. Her bright yellow pupils only added a sense of refinement.

   She stood there unmoving, staring at the stars in the sky, where nothing else existed anymore. The sky was dark as it always had been. Around her was nothing but wastelands, except the small cave which she used as her dwelling. It was silent as usual. She kept staring at the sky, at the blinking stars in the faraway galaxies.

   She was a bit lonely but there was nothing else remained in this ruined universe. What was once filled with galaxies and planets, one of which was brimming with life, was no more. How long has it been since then? She wondered to herself but no one was there to answer her. It might have been a few months, a few years, a few centuries or even a few millennia. Nonetheless, she had no way of knowing.

   The sunlight trickling on her skin, the wet raindrops she felt when it rained, the noises of the insect, animals, and the sentient beings who used to populate the planets in the galaxies, and the things which she once endeared were all but memories.

   She laid down on the ground while reminiscing about the good, old universe for the thousandth or maybe a millionth time. Nothing has changed since then. She had been alone then and she was still alone in this vast, empty universe. Her tears had all but dried up since a few millennia ago.

   She continued staring at the sky as if wishing for something upon the universe itself. She had memorised the constellation of the stars and the remnants of the planets of the galaxies that she passed in her long and lone journey. However, no matter how many types of crystals, stars or even black holes she found, it was still not enough to fill the loneliness in her heart though it was enough to distract her from thinking about it too much.

   It was time for her to move on once again and she entered her cave for a short rest before leaving this small planet for another one. This was her routine as part of her journey. She would move from one planet to another, hoping to find the existence of another life form, and to kill her boredom by finding new things in every galaxy in this universe.

   Every time she entered a new planet, she would walk around it, trying to find something unique that could entertain her. Once there was a planet made purely out of crystals, and it would glow from time to time. It was beautiful and she loved it. It glowed in seven different colours, which reminded her of the refraction of the white light in the rain. There was a planet which was made mostly out of gas and it would turn your voice funny when you inhale it. There was a red planet filled with volcanoes that would repeatedly erupt, and the scene was breathtaking to look at. The lava was hot and swimming in the magma lake while enjoying the warmth was her favourite pastime while she was travelling around that planet. It kind of reminded her of what the humans used to call a hot spring.

   She was lonely inside but she tried to find a way to entertain herself every day by exploring the endless universe, searching for new things to keep her mind sane. However, from time to time, she would feel tired and sleepy and she would end up in a dormant state for a long period of time.

   She suddenly felt really tired as she laid her body on the makeshift bed made of some unknown fluffy material and fell into a deep slumber. Little did she know that a lone soul had accidentally slipped into the rift of space and time and stumbled upon her little universe like a lost lamb.

   It sparked a change in her lonely, monotone life.

Author’s Note: It’s a short prologue, but more chapters are coming.


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