Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-34

I’m back everyone, from a very long slumber~
I sincerely apologise for my disappearance and the delay.
nyway, here’s the new chapter! I meant to upload it months ago, sadly.

I’m starting uni this year so I’ve been pretty busy with loads of preparations. Major and subject selections, timetabling, enrollment etc. I’m actually really excited because I got accepted into my favourite uni, yay~
Like a dream come true  o(^▽^)o

I hope uni life is going to be as fun as people say it will be, but first,
Please enjoy~ (^_^)


Le Festin de Vampire – Chapter 02-33

I’m back everyone! With a new chapter of course. I’m sorry for the lateness, after I just made a schedule. I’ll release another one this week to make up for it. Just you wait.

This week has been a blast, I mean busy. Ehm. I had a farewell party, karaoke (with anime songs and some Miku songs), school graduation formal, my birthday party (first time drinking vodka), and another farewell with an exchange student from japan. It was a fun and tiring week. After that, I got hooked up reading this time travel Naruto fanfic, and that lead me to another fanfic, and another one. It’s really interesting I tell you. I’ll post the link if there’s anyone interested~ (more…)