August 13, 2016


Please donate to support the continuity of the site. I’ve been using my pocket money for this (Which I completely forgot because I’ve been away for almost a year and I set the server payment on auto top-up )





We don’t take donations from anyone. This policy has been discussed with everyone on the team and was decided to be implemented through anonymous discussions and voting.

However, we do have ads on our blog to support our blog’s monthly/yearly expenditures such as server cost, domain cost, and a few other things which are necessary for running the site.

If you don’t like the ads, you might want to donate the amount of money that can be used as a replacement for our website cost.
However, as we don’t take any donations, that option is, unfortunately, unavailable.

Although we are confident to say that we have carefully selected the ads we are using and limit our running ads strictly to 100% completely safe ads. The entirety of the ads are non-intruding, SFW, safe, barely visible, and does not ruin the aesthetic of the site. We personally detest pop-up ads, especially the one containing security and malware scams, so we carefully blacklist every single one of them.

The layout of the ads has also been designed to barely show the ads on the bottom of our site, on every page or post. Hence, it will not ruin or barely ruin user’s, which in this case, your reading and browsing experience.

Please understand that we need money to run our site and our ads revenue is the only thing regenerating our income to run our site at the moment. If one day, one of us happen to find a bag full of money, or win a lotto, or win any lottery actually, depends on the wholesome mulah we might be able to get, We swear that we will spare a few percent of that money for future server costs and other expenditures (100 years server subscription and domain name registration), Meaning that our site will be ads-free for life.

The only thing we need you to do right now is just to support this site by bearing the ads generated on our site by kindly disabling your adblockers, And to wish us luck on winning, or at least getting a chance on winning a lottery, or lotto, tats.

In the end, please don’t end up flaming or insulting me too much. I’ll be heartbroken if you do so.

Thanks sincerely,
Eternal Goddess Aria

PS. There’s only one person, me, Aria Red, running this site. I used ‘we’ when writing the description above because it makes my blog sound more professional, with the illusion of having a team, when I do not. Don’t mind it.


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