I’m probably gonna start again by next week now that I’ve gone through my shittiest time (It’s still shitty, but not as shit).

As you all realised the OP Inn was taken by someone while I was away, so I’ll update that soon on the page. I actually bought the novel so I was planning to upload the illustrations but oh boy, can’t help it now. I just hope you’re satisfied with the new TL (Don’t miss me). […]

Bad News – My Nightmare ~ Break

The enemy of every uni students, EXAMS. Therefore, I will be busy for about 2 months until my exams finished at the end of June. I might still be translating but don’t expect much. This first semester have been killing me so I might as well take a break from all of this. Thanks (^_^) Read more about Bad News – My Nightmare ~ Break[…]

New Project Coming Up Soon!!~ \(^_^)/

As the title says, a new project is coming up for this blog!

A WN translation. As you all know, Le Festin is going to finish in a couple chapters, about 18 chapters, and it was sadly abandoned by the author in a way, that it never actually had proper ending. While contemplating on whether I should continue or start a new project, or might as well finish it up and start on a new one, someone recommended me an interesting WN. […]

Late Updates – Going Overseas

Sorry I haven’t been able to update for a while. I have never been a very punctual person in the first place but, the thing is….  I’ll be going to Indonesia this week, for holiday, and to visit my family there. My parents said we’ll be staying there for about one month. I’m quite excited Read more about Late Updates – Going Overseas[…]


Chapter 09 – Carbine Immigration Office

Meanwhile at the same time in a certain office sat Carbine. Across from him was a spawn. The spawn had the features of an insect. Large compound eyes, two mandibles and a large beetle shell for a body. It sat nervously in front of Carbine as it answered various questions about itself and the reasons to why it wished to live in the seventeenth district.

After the questioning carbine began to explain various rules to the spawn. […]


Chapter 08 – End of the Bloody night

The children were chained to the walls, each child was covered in blood. A strange scratching sound could be heard as strange creatures crawled over the walls.

The creatures on the wall were small at least the size of a small child, however there limbs were strangely long and deformed. It made them seem much larger and terrifying. One of the crawling creatures turned its head and stared at Blutenstein, its neck turned a full one hundred and eighty degrees. Its irises were completely black, yellow pupils glared, while its opened jaws showed a large amount of sharpened teeth. […]

Le Festin Schedule

I currently have no schedule for translating it. I’ll try translating whenever I’m free (and willing to). Everyone have a life on their own and translating is not the only thing I do in my life  ( ◞・౪・) (I read LN, WN, Fanfic, Manga, watch Anime, etc; basically, very busy) At least though, I’ll make Read more about Le Festin Schedule[…]