I’m probably gonna start again by next week now that I’ve gone through my shittiest time (It’s still shitty, but not as shit).

As you all realised the OP Inn was taken by someone while I was away, so I’ll update that soon on the page. I actually bought the novel so I was planning to upload the illustrations but oh boy, can’t help it now. I just hope you’re satisfied with the new TL (Don’t miss me). […]

Moving Out

Long story short, I moved out. I found a job, though still not enough hours to pay off my rent so I’d still have to find another one to support my living. Only now I truly understand the value of money.

Long story is, I started living with my relatives because of some circumstances. At first it went quite well, although there were a few things I didn’t really like it was alright, I slowly adapted to things around. However, as years went by, our dissimilarities began to spark even further, and it continued to escalate. I knew by then that I didn’t have any choice but to listen and follow, but it was just too hard for me. That house is technically theirs so there was nothing I could do. I know that they didn’t like my attitude, or me in fact, and I also don’t really like them. […]

Lost in Vacation

Hello Hongkong, Macau, and China.

Well the thing is guys, I wanted to I translate as soon as my exams ended, but I wanted to relax for a few days before doing it.

But then my fams took me overseas, and I won’t be going back anytime soon. I’ll be visiting my relatives in china as soon as I’m done with hongkong, and I don’t expect any TLing can be done. […]

Bad News – My Nightmare ~ Break

The enemy of every uni students, EXAMS. Therefore, I will be busy for about 2 months until my exams finished at the end of June. I might still be translating but don’t expect much. This first semester have been killing me so I might as well take a break from all of this. Thanks (^_^) Read more about Bad News – My Nightmare ~ Break[…]

New Project Coming Up Soon!!~ \(^_^)/

As the title says, a new project is coming up for this blog!

A WN translation. As you all know, Le Festin is going to finish in a couple chapters, about 18 chapters, and it was sadly abandoned by the author in a way, that it never actually had proper ending. While contemplating on whether I should continue or start a new project, or might as well finish it up and start on a new one, someone recommended me an interesting WN. […]