November 10, 2015


This honey land was originally made to host my translation. I found a good web novel that dropped by a certain translator, so I decided to pick it up. It was on a whim actually. Funny when I think back about it  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Let’s do some introduction first.
There’s me, Aria Red, the translator and the origin (・ω・)
And I’m a student at (secret) University studying Genetics and Evolution,
And Japanese Diploma.
My address is (secret), and my real name is also (secret).

Oh, and I’m a guy, just in case anyone’s wondering (PS. There’s no such thing as girls on the internet).
Why’s my username Aria then? Well, there’s a story behind it,
And I ended up using this name, please don’t mind it.

There’s going to be a few projects here:

Firstly, translation. I don’t have much confidence in my time management, so I don’t think I’ll be doing more than one web novels at a time, or maybe two max. The schedule will be one update per week, although there might be some late updates.

Second is original web novels. I’m planning to share my creative works with you all xD but, hopefully it will happen soon. Hopefully, soon, or maybe in the distant future. I also link my blog to some of my friends who are writing their own stories.

Also, I might post something about anime and japan. Or maybe how-to-learn Japanese posts that will guide you to the right path. General posts about the language and how to use it, or common words used in anime. Only that, it’s been almost a year and I haven’t done any.

Just don’t expect too much….

Enjoy~  ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

Contact me on discord if necessary.

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